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Professional Certificate in Talent Sourcing

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Who is this for?

This course is perfect for sourcers, or anyone who is tasked with proactively finding the critical talent that their organization needs to be successful.

If you want to enhance your technical skills in online headhunting, become a Boolean expert, and master the art of approaching passive candidates, then this is the certification for you.

This course is for anyone who wants the sought after skills to find the perfect candidate for any job, anywhere.

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20 Hours


LinkedIn Sourcing

Engaging Talent

Advanced Technical Sourcing

Diverse Sourcing

Boolean Search

Strategic sourcing

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What will you learn?


Search Basics

Learn how to build perfect Boolean strings using the Universal Search Method and apply them to any database.


LinkedIn Sourcing

Learn how to use every aspect of search including best practices for applying our Universal Search, tactics for using different search fields within LinkedIn, and how to unearth the best candidates.


Engaging Talent

Learn how to discover contact details for candidates you find online, as well as what to say now that you’re going to reach out to them


Searching Job Boards

Learn how to adapt and apply your Universal Search Method to popular job boards and find great talent.


Overcoming LinkedIn Search Limitations

Learn the tips and tricks you need to know to carve up your LinkedIn Search results.


The Research Before Sourcing

Think outside the box, search in unique ways and find candidates that no-one else can.


Social Sourcing

How to scope out talent from a wide range of social networks like Facebook, Twitter, and many more.


LinkedIn Extended Features

Learn how LinkedIn’s extended features make it much more than a social network or job posting site.


Sourcing Like a Spy: Advanced Sourcing Techniques for Truly Passive Talent

Learn how to source candidates using OSINT (Open Source Intelligence) methods like a true Private Eye.


Advanced Technical Sourcing

This covers how to X-ray search Google to look at lots of social networks, including AngelList, Stack Overflow, and Github.


Practical Sourcing Lab: Non-Technical Role Example

Follow master sourcer José Kadlec as he demonstrates the end-to-end sourcing process for a non-IT role


Practical Sourcing Lab: Technical IT Role Example

Watch José Kadlec as he demonstrates the end-to-end sourcing process for a technical IT role.


How To: Boost Passive Candidate Engagement With Video

Learn how to surprise great talent with unique and personalized video that has more than double the engagement and response rate to traditional reach-outs.


Uncovering Diversity

Learn the true meaning of diversity, not just unconscious bias.


Sourcing for Diversity

Learn how to go about sourcing candidates from diverse backgrounds.


Recruiting Internationally

Learn how to recruit across cultures, assess and inform when sourcing international candidates.


Building Your Sourcing Process

Learn how to build your relationship with your recruiter and hiring manager to make the sourcing process effective.


Using Advanced Search Techniques for Talent Mapping

Learn how to use your sourcing skills to hunt for real-time data and insights into the talent market that can influence your business strategy through data-driven decisions.


Effective Sourcing Models

Learn different methodologies for sourcing that produce the best results, including Paired Sourcing methods, dedicated resourcing centres and more.


Advanced X-Ray Searching

Learn all about reverse engineering websites, advanced Boolean operators, and a deep-dive on X-Ray search through LinkedIn and other platforms.


Sourcing Productivity: Using Automation in Workflows

Learn techniques for automating your sourcing workflow to speed up how you find talent.


Sourcing Effectiveness And Productivity: Benchmarking And Analysing Your Sourcing Process.

Learn how to effectively measure and benchmark candidate sourcing KPIs, and how to make improvements.

Content delivered by

José Kadlec

José Kadlec is the Co-Founder of GoodCall and author of the best-selling book “People as Merchandise: Crack the Code to LinkedIn Recruitment”. With a background in software engineering, José turned his technical expertise to sourcing and has mastered the art of finding talent anywhere in the world.

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Each certificate is credit-rated by Glasgow Caledonian University. This means it undergoes a rigorous process to meet the university’s educational standards. Credits are internationally recognized under the European Qualifications Framework.

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