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Introducing: Chris Long

Chris Long has nearly 20 years of experience in the recruitment industry. He began his career as an agency recruiter and quickly moved up through the ranks. Chris appears to have a Midas touch when it comes to success as the agencies he worked with eventually reached IPO and MBO milestones.

After his illustrious career with the agency world, he moved into a corporate environment and continued to see success with companies like Nestlé, GSK, and IBM. Work eventually led him to Australia where a 12-month stint evolved into eight years and a new place to call home.

Chris has developed a unique set of skills that make him an undeniable expert when it comes to large scale strategy and implementations. Chris has a knack for solving problems that haven’t even happened yet as he plans for long term success and scalability.

What are you speaking about at UNLEASH World?

Chris will take to the Hiring Excellence Stage to talk about strategic problem solving when it comes to finding quality talent. Using a fascinating example* involving niche working conditions, talent shortages and a streak of creativity Chris paints an impressive picture of how rewarding it can be when a crazy idea pays off.

“Working on my current project has required a lot of out-of-the-box thinking. The focus is on re-skilling workers to do a different job. For example, can you mix a project up so you get more diverse skills from surprising areas?”

*(We don’t want to spoil his awesome talk on The Hiring Excellence stage- but trust us you’ll want to hear it!)

How does this approach to Hiring impact Hiring Excellence in your organisation?

“It’s had a huge impact because we’re simply thinking differently.”

This new approach to problem-solving can have a powerful impact on the make-up of your workforce.  Chris talks about how he has encouraged organisations to take a more creative approach to hiring and how it has increased the strength of their workforce immeasurably.

“We’re starting to blend roles throughout a whole organisation”

Slowly, the conversations within the TA team began to look very different thanks to Chris’ influence:

“We were thinking- let’s bring an engineering mindset to the L&D role or why can’t you have a data scientist that can come in and contribute to HR?”

3 key takeaways you can expect from Chris’s talk on the Hiring Excellence Stage

Chris hopes to bring the conversation around talent into a new light. The industry is tired of hearing about the “war on talent”. We’ve outgrown that now- it’s time to adopt a more creative approach. As Chris talks about his experience with finding imaginative answers to companies talent problems he hopes the audience will leave with three clear lessons:

  • The importance of developing personas and profiles for the future workforce
  • What augmented learning within the workflow looks like
  • How the workforce has evolved

See Chris Long speak on The Hiring Excellence Stage at UNLEASH World on Wednesday 23rd October

Talk Title: Transforming the Future Workforce

Talk: Description: Chris Long lives in the future. He is a big thinker who brings a creative approach to problem-solving. In this talk, Chris will share how you can always find talent- if you know where to look… Chris will talk about how business leaders can take advantage of these shifting talent landscapes for new opportunities and change how work is done.

About Chris: Chris has spent 17 years in the HR & Talent Industry. He started off in Agency, where he was part of one successful IPO and one MBO, before moving to corporate. Chris has formed a niche for himself in large scale project implementations & transformations, having successfully delivered one 53 Country HRM implementation, a 44 Country HCM transformation, currently on the largest infrastructure project in APJ.

The Hiring Excellence Stage will welcome a blend of the most distinguished and successful pioneers of the recruitment industry. A mix of TA leaders and industry experts will share their views on the future of work, the intersection of humans and technology, their thoughts on transformative processes and of course, how can we achieve hiring excellence.

For more information visit: The Hiring Excellence Stage at UNLEASH World

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