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Recruiting Leader John Vlastelica Unleashes New Talent Advisor Content

John Vlastelica is one of the most valued members of the SocialTalent family. In fact he’s one of the most valued members of the recruitment world! As the mastermind behind Recruiting Toolbox he has dedicated his life and his teachings to helping recruiters become seriously skilled talent advisors. John helps them become a core part of the hiring process, after all, good recruiters are experts in their field and it’s time they started making a real difference to the hiring process. Recruiters are more than just req-filling machines!

It’s not just the SocialTalent family that love the work John does. He has worked with global brands such as Adidas, Nestle, Starbucks, Target and EA to help recruiters learn how to build up a hiring process that works for everyone, candidates, hiring managers and recruiters alike.

Talent Advisor

This brand new and exclusive content on the SocialTalent Platform, John outlines how recruiters can start doing more than just filling requisitions. These lessons are packed with practical advice that can help any recruiter develop a career as a talent advisor. Imagine being able to have a *real* conversation with a hiring manager?

The Talent Advisor programme covers all the areas you need to start becoming a real consultative partner in the hiring process. Not just a body hiring managers can hand a job spec to.

The programme is packed with tips to help recruiters:

  • Influence hiring managers
  • Create a good recruiting culture
  • Build an expert hiring strategy for companies to follow
  • Educate unrealistic hiring managers

We know all of this sounds good to you! Trust us, this information is gold dust! You can check out John Vlastelica’s work on the SocialTalent platform and start your journey from an everyday recruiter, to award-winning talent advisor

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