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30 Incredibly Effective Social Media Tactics for Recruiters (Infographic)

Whether you’re only just embarking on your social media journey or have been liking, sharing and commenting with the best of ’em for years, here’s 30 invaluable social media tips and tactics to live by while online:

Top Takeaways:

  • There are more than 2 BILLION who have social media accounts. Many of them are the people you’re looking to hire, which means social media is now a vital recruiting tool. So fish where the fish hang out! Use social media to grab their attention.
  • Optimise Your Pages and Profiles – If you don’t use relevant keywords, your profile or page cannot be found. Simple as. Try using a tool like Google Trends to establish the keywords your candidates are looking for online. Click here for our guide on how to do so.
  • Learn from Leaders – Observe and learn from what other big brands and competitors have done or are doing. Check out how brands like Starbucks, GE, Marriott (or a leader in a relevant market) tap and use the most happening channels (Instagram, SnapChat, Twitter etc.), listen closely to their customers and create content that inspires “talk.”
  • Post Frequently – You need to post regularly and reliably to build a social media following.
  • Use Hashtags – This is particularly important if you are using or plan to use Twitter or Instagram, where hashtags are used by potential candidates to find relevant posts about the industry or topic they’re interested in e.g. #graduatejobs or #salesjobs.
  • Share Photos of Yourself and Your Team – If you’re using your company’s social media presence as an employer branding tool (and you absolutely should be), sharing photos of your team on a regular basis is a fantastic way to boost those employer branding efforts. It’ll help humanise your brand and your followers will identify with them.
  • Use a Conversational Tone – No one wants to listen to corporate babble on social media. Save it for official documents.
  • Ask Questions – Questions spark debate and debate sparks engagement, and social media is all about creating opportunities for engagement with potential candidates.
  • Perfect Your Timing – There’s no point in posting a great status update or piece of content when no one’s there to see it. Discover when your followers are most active by using a free tool like Tweriod.
  • Interact in Real Time – Whether you do or don’t auto-post social updates, you need to engage in real conversations, so prepare to work the channel often and actively. Respond fast and most importantly, take part in conversations being had about your company or the jobs you have on offer.
  • Monitor and Respond – Use a tool like Tweetdeck or Hootsuite to monitor what’s being said about your company and your jobs online.
  • Learn from Your Analytics – Use Google Analytics and any of the free analytics features attached to the likes of Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn to determine which updates and content your audience responds to and interacts with best.
  • Keep Up with the Changes – Things move and change fast online. Try to keep up and adapt. Social networks make changes to their products all the time so keep on top of the changes they make by keeping an eye on our weekly news posts.


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