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33 Must Know Facts About Women in Tech (Infographic)

According to Coupofy, within the world’s 8 largest tech companies, positions for females are growing 238% faster than men. A fact which inspired them to create an infographic that takes a look at some of the most successful women in the industry and their roles as founders, leaders, and venture capitalists to discover the role that women play in the tech industry today.

As well as taking a look at some stats surrounding women in tech in 2015 and getting to know some of the most successful women in tech roles throughout the world, this infographic also contains some insightful information for recruiters on why women leave tech positions and how you can retain them. Well worth the read!

women in tech


Top Takeaways:

  • 20% of all tech start-ups across the world were founded by women.
  • Chicago, Boston and Silicon Valley have the most tech start-ups founded by women.
  • Woman represent 7% of the world’s richest tech billionaires.
  • Why do women leave tech positions?
    • 30% blame working conditions, such as long hours, a low salary and no opportunity for career progression.
    • 27% put it down to work-life-balance, stating they do not have enough time with their family and there is too much travel involved.
    • Some of the other top reasons were a loss of interest in their job and problems with the company environment.
    • 24% of women who leave a tech role go on to a non-technical role in a different company and 22% become self-employed in a tech field.
  • Offering women mentoring programs and networking opportunities, flexible working hours, and providing opportunities for personal development can help improve retention rates of female staff.

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