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5 Clear-Cut Ways To Improve Your Recruitment Marketing

Marketing has exploded in the past few years and interest in learning new marketing techniques have surged. This is especially the case with recruitment marketing. The recruiters of today are a hybrid breed that are eager to learn. Nowadays, recruiters want to reach their target audience through the quickest methods available to them. A lot of which can be done through various recruitment marketing strategies and techniques! Today, we look at 5 ways in which you improve your recruitment marketing strategy.

1. Video marketing is the future

As if you didn’t know this already?! No harm in reiterating the fact that video marketing has massive potential to draw in mass amounts of potential candidates. Using video, you can pitch your perfect role, tell a story or simply let candidates know where to contact you. The best thing about video is that it’s more likely to engage someone rather than sending them a written email. How can you do it? Simply check some of these tips on how to implement a perfect video marketing strategy!

2. Use social media to advertise your job ads

Social media, we all use it in this day of age. If you’re not I send you kudos for veering away from temptation. But really, if you’re trying to compete in today’s working environment, you need to be active on social media. Job ads can no doubt take time. However, putting time into making it visual, compelling and genuinely unique makes it the perfect piece of eye-catching material to boost on your social channels. Define your target market and make sure you make the perfect first impression. 

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3. Talent Analytics

Big Data has become a massive part of how recruiters analyse candidate behaviours. Various new tools are being used to assess people’s online activity. Furthermore, they’re helping recruiters determine whether or not a candidate would be open to new opportunities. Important metrics centred around time to hire and cost of hire have become easier to achieve with the help of Big Data. If recruiters use this data the right way, they will be better able to quickly and easily locate the best candidates.

4. Publish engaging content

There are only so many hours in the day, and yet an ever-growing number of social networks and sources where we could produce and share engaging content. It’s important to invest your time where it’ll make the most impact on your prospects, your network and your customers.

The most-used networks where Marketeers publish B2B content are LinkedIn (94%), Twitter (87%) and Facebook (84%). Marketeers share content across an average of 6 networks. While LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook have the largest content-sharing effort, it’s also key to look at the ROI for these networks. The best return on investment comes from LinkedIn (66%) and Twitter (55%), but Facebook is only 30%. Recruiters can mirror this strategy by applying a content marketing strategy of their own.

5. Optimise your candidate experience

In today’s digital world, it is now more crucial than ever before to provide a personalised and engaging customer experience that helps you or your company stand out from the rest. Nowadays recruiters are beginning to think a little deeper into what their clients want and how they should go about interacting with them. Your candidate experience directly effects you or your business. Therefore, ensuring that you have various touchpoints with your candidate throughout the hiring process is vital!


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