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Advanced, Error-Free Boolean Strings with the Social Talent Boolean Builder!

As a recruiter, a knowledge of and practical experience with Boolean search strings is an invaluable asset. Not only do Boolean strings help you find exactly the type of candidate you are looking for and more quickly, but Boolean strings can be implemented across a wide variety of job boards, databases and of course LinkedIn, making the time you spend sourcing more effective and far more efficient.

We here at Social Talent believe every recruiter should learn how the language of search works, but we understand that for some, Boolean language is an abstract concept that is often hard to understand and difficult to get right. Even if you are good at forming strings, inevitably you will make mistakes; a forgotten double quotation here or a lowercase “r” there! So we decided to make a tool that would help everyone, from the Boolean Beginner to the String Slayer. We created the first ever easy-to-use, error-free, Boolean String Builder and we made it for you!

We’ve taken the guess-work and the hardship out of creating Boolean strings by providing you with a simple, straightforward tool that will help you create complex Boolean strings in just 4 easy steps.

Step 1.

Login and begin building!

The Boolean builder we’ve created follows our Universal Search Method, a topic we discuss and explain at length in our Black Belt Training Course, but which is essentially a structured way of optimising your search for the vast majority of possibilities that could appear within a database of CVs, resumés or profiles.

So the first thing you need to do is tell the Boolean Builder what you need e.g. the job title you are looking to fill and the skills you need the candidate to possess. You don’t need to (and should not) use any Boolean operators, quotations, commas or brackets.  Please see the example below:

Step 2.

Once you have entered the job title and skills needed in step one, you now need to think of different ways of saying what you have just entered. In other words, you need to enter synonyms of the job title and skills you entered in step one. In the example below this meant following “marketing” with “brand” and “advertising”, and following “manager” with common abbreviations like “mgr” and “mgmt”. Don’t worry if you are unsure as to what synonyms to use, we have a number of tips for how to come up with a wide variety of synonyms in this video and this blog post.


Note: Don’t forget to include misspellings when refining your search. Many people will misspell “manager” as “manger” for example.

Step 3.

Now it’s time to remove elements we don’t wish to clog up our search, for example other recruiters.

Step 4.

Wait a couple of seconds and your error free code will appear ready for you to copy and paste into a variety of job boards, databases and of course, LinkedIn.

**Please note:
AND does not work in Google.
AND OR does not work in Followerwonk

***No need to use “” or AND, OR and NOT when typing in your search the Boolean Builder does it all for you.


Watch the video for more information:



So what are you waiting for?! Get building your own Boolean Strings at

P.S. We’ll be adding some brilliant new features in 2014 including auto-synonyms, the ability to save and label your searches and the ability to share with and see your colleagues searches. If you have any suggested features, email us at [email protected]

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