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19 of the Best and Worst Office Christmas Decorations You've Ever Seen

christmas decorations

When it comes to Christmas decorations, your office will generally fall into one of two camps – The Best and The Worst. Offices with “The Best” Christmas decorations, ADORE Christmas. And the festive season is a chance for their staff to get creative and transform their office into a winter wonderland fit for Queen Elsa herself. But for those of you who are unfortunate enough to work in offices with “The Worst” Christmas decorations, Yuletide is just like any other period in the office – devoid of sparkle, glitter, or anything mildly festive.

Today, we’re here to celebrate both – those people who go above and beyond to ensure their office is full of cheer and those who refuse to put themselves out for the sake of one day! Enjoy and Happy Friday Recruiters!

The Best

They made a real life Polar Express out of their own work cubicles… need I say more?:


Image: Pinterest


Extra points for the wonderfully accurate road recreation and for sticking so rigidly to the blue and white colour scheme:


Image: Oybgt


It might as well be Santa’s Workshop it looks so festive!:


Image: Picszoo

The sheer number of fairy lights used in this creation is impressive:


Who wouldn’t want to skip through these archways and into their cubicle, all the merrier for it?!:


They have a green Christmas-themed star cushion (!!!), each brick is individually wrapped and they’re proudly displaying their collection of office beers. What’s not to love?!:


Image: Flickr


This hospital worked with what they had and it was glorious:


…so did these crafty Post-It fans:


That much cotton wool is probably some sort of health hazard, but we appreciate the level of detail in this snowscape:


I’m not too sure what’s going on here, but it’s fantastically festive!:


The Worst

When the office broom gets a festive makeover…:


Whoever thought the office needed dead robins, was sorely mistaken:


The stairwell that Christmas forgot:


Ok, so the lug nuts are a stroke of genius, but a sprig of pine in a bottle of brake fluid? No, just no:


When your boss is cheap and refuses to add to the selection of decorations you already own, so you have to make do:


This little guy is trying his best, but it’s not really cutting it:




Well… at least they tried:

Image: Flickr,com

Image: Flickr,com

There are no words to describe this tragedy:


“We only have 2 baubles left?! Ah sure, it’ll do”:

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