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Recruiters: NEW! How to Search Facebook by Employer, Education, Location and Freetext

I posted earlier today about Facebook’s new Profile Page and how the emphasis on its revamped employer and experience section could prove invaluable to Recruiters. I pointed out that Facebook unfortunately still make it very difficult to search profiles. However I just tried a search from within Facebook and found something that looks very new and is certainly most interesting! Facebook’s old Search function allowed you to search by keywords (limited) and then narrow your results only by location.
I’m not sure if it changed only today on the back of the new Profile upgrade but my Search button is now allowing me to narrow my search by Employer, Education or Location!
Check out this screen shot:

This is an awesome update as it allows us to find people who have a specific job title (keyword search), work for a certain employer (employer filter), have a certain qualification (education filter) and who are in a specific location (either use the location filter or the keyword search). Knowing Employee “John Smith” works as an “Audit Senior” for KPMG in Dublin provides me with everything I need to know to go find his contact details and get in touch with him.
Slowly but surely Facebook is encroaching further on LinkedIn’s territory! What is next I wonder???

Check out how Facebook now displays the results of this updated Search function; the employer and experience section takes up most of the page!!

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