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10 Of The Best Interview Blunders Made By Candidates

Interview blunders…where do we begin. Yeah, you hear some horror stories, but you don’t ever think that it might one day happen to you. I mean c’mon, who would wear a leather jacket to an interview? Seriously though, there are candidates that go above and beyond to exceed all expectations. So much so that you’re left picking your jaw up from off the floor in disbelief.

People can be unfortunate, with others being plain ignorant. Unfortunately it’s a trait that some of us humans have. This Friday blog is dedicated to the recruiters who were unfortunate enough to have these candidates turn up on their doorstep for an interview. Enjoy the chuckle, and let us know if you’ve had any crazy candidate experiences yourself.

1. That candidate that thinks it’s OK to wear a tracksuit to an interview.

2. When the candidate has smoked a full on 20 cigarettes before the interview

3. Don’t wear a leather jacket to an interview, leave it to The Fonz….

4. Unless applying to be a magician, then it’s probably best they leave the top-hat at home

5. When the candidate decides to get a new hairstyle for the interview

6. That candidate that arrives in with his Dads suit on

7. That candidate that arrives in looking like a Picasso painting

8. Chewing gum like a maniac won’t do you any favours

9. A size smaller would have saved the embarrassment

10. Why are you laughing at every little thing I say? Oh…I see


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