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10 Companies Who Offer Their Employees the Best Work Perks (Infographic)

You really can’t beat a good work perk, can you? Unlimited vacation days, free lunches, health insurance – the number of companies that are raising the bar when it comes to work perks is currently growing at a rapid pace. And it’s really no wonder why. Take companies that embrace flexible working hours, for example. Reports show that up to 63% of workers have been absent less because they are able to run personal errands without needing to waste vacation or sick days. This shows that it’s not only in the best interests of the employees to get these kinds of perks, but that employers themselves reap the benefits too!

So what companies out there offer their employees the best incentives? Well, the people at Company Folders have compiled this nifty infographic to shout out the top companies for employee perks. Just a word of warning, though…reading on may cause serious job envy…

Employee Perks


What employee perk of the ones listed above would you most like to receive from your company? Let us know in the comments below!

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