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10 Feelings We All Know When We Get The Last Paycheck Before Christmas

As we sprint through this hectic Christmas period it becomes increasingly difficult to keep that precious work/life balance. Work friends want to go for drinks and other friends want to go for drinks. You have to buy presents for at least 8 people… Make that 6… 5… Realistically 3 max… When you get that November paycheck you know it has to last you a marathon of socialising and good cheer. Trust me, I know exactly how you feel…

1. Staring at your paycheck and swearing you got more last month. Is that really it? Is that all that comes in!?


2. Trying to budget your Christmas shopping in order of priority. Partner, parents, friends, neighbours way way down the end is the office kris kindle.


3. Looking from your paycheck to your calendar and realising you can either have a social life or eat but definitely not both.


4. Vowing to look for a new job in the new year. You can’t go on living like a church mouse. You have needs.


5. Fantasising about next Christmas when you’re earning tax-free millions in your new job.

6. Gettig constant reminders in work about the secret santa gifts and regretting signing up. You only put your name in that hat because you’d hope you’d get one person in particular and now you’re stuck with Greg…. I mean, Greg…

7. Accepting that when it comes to this sacred paycheck it’s acceptable not to stick to your saving scheme… Not that you’ve been sticking to it anyway.

8. Thinking about setting up a legitimate saving scheme next year… For about 30 seconds

9. No matter what, you’ll make it work. You always do!

10. But really none of this matter because it’s HOLIDAAAAYYYY SEASON!

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