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10 Stages of Reading Someone's Resume

1. The Feeling of potential power- you are deciding someone’s potential career, their hopes and dreams lie with you.

2. I wonder if I’ll discover the next Karren Brady or Lary Page- wait, what if they ACTUALLY applied for this role? (Spoiler: They 100% didn’t)


3. Ok, time to get down to business. Clear your mind and approach each resume objectively.

4. HA! who has grade 8 clarinet!? Can you even go that high?

5. Wait, can’t play the clarinet… Grade 8 clarinet is actually pretty impressive.

6. Oooohhh… This person seems interesting. Let’s give them a call!

7.  Ok, that went well, I think it’s time to take it to the next level. Interview!

8. Eeeep, they’re coming. I actually get to meet them- I wonder will they bring their clarinet?

9. I hope they’re everything they said they would be…

10. I don’t want to rush this but I think you’re perfect. YOU’RE HIRED!

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