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8 Things Recruiters Should Give Up for Lent

Forget chocolate, alcohol or cigarettes. If you’re a recruiter, this is what you really should be giving up for lent:

Give up, or at least please take it easy on the acronyms.
ATS, CRM, RPO, ROI, FTE, TA, PFO… come on, the English language deserves more than that people! And while you’re at it please show some restraint on the use of adjectives. I’m sure it is an amazing opportunity, with a fantastic company in a dream location with superb benefits and a massive salary, but the superlatives start to wear thin when everyone is using them.

Recruiter: Thumbs Down

Give up saying stuff like…
“I will change your life”, “I sell dreams”, “I make dreams come true”, “this is not just a job, this is a life changing event” – stop it. You’re not Tinkerbell or the Fairy Godmother. (Unless, of course, you are. If you are, then feel free to use these phrases ad lib) Recruiters, just stop it!

Recruiter: Telling lies | Pinocchio

Give up apologetic emails, in-mails, and calls.
If you were really sorry, you wouldn’t be emailing me, so get on with it and get to the point – what’s in it for me?

Recruiter: Funny face

Give up trying to think of fancy words for a job.
I want a job, everyone calls it a job, I search for jobs, so why do you make it difficult for me by calling it a role, an opportunity (usually fantastic), a career (usually an exciting one), a position (what is this? The Kama Sutra?) Just call it a job!

Recruiter: Frustrated

Give up saying more stuff like…
“A mutual friend said I should reach out to you but asked that I don’t divulge their name.” I can smell your lies.

Recruiter: Bad smell | lies

Give up the following sentence…
“I came across your profile on LinkedIn” – it is disgusting.

Recruiter: Crossed arms | folded arms

Give up saying you are “just not that into social media”.
You don’t have to love it to use it, get over it and get stuck in!

Recruiter: Social media

Give up acting excited about me and then never calling again.
“Oh you’d be PERFECT for this role/opportunity/career enhancing position (just bend over there)” and 3 weeks later, nothing, zip, squat…me crying by the phone. I know you are busy but I thought we had something, we could have been so good together and you dropped me like a stone, not a call, no flowers, not ever a tweet. You cold hearted monster.

Recruiter: On the phone | Shouting at phone


What else do you feel recruiters should be giving up for Lent? Let us know in the comments below.

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