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11 Inspirational Recruitment News Stories this Week - 22nd February 2016

In recruitment news this week:

Connectifier Valued at $100 Million In LinkedIn Acquisition

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10K filed by LinkedIn on February 16, 2016, states that the estimated purchase price of the popular profile aggregator, Connectifier, is $100,000,000.

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This valuation should clear things up for anyone who was still questioning the viability of the profile aggregator space. With this news, the price just went up for anyone looking to acquire a Connectifier competitor!

Why Women May Shun the Recruitment Industry

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According to Mark Di-Toro, Careers and Marketplace Expert at Glassdoor, women may be deterred from joining the recruitment industry if agencies are forced to disclose their gender pay gaps.

The statement comes after the news that from 2018, recruitment companies with more than 250 people will have to reveal their gender pay gap. The UK government announcement also stipulated that bonuses, suspected to be a major factor at play in the gender pay gap, will also be included in the listings.

The Office for National Statistics suggested that the gender pay gap isn’t changing, and has remained at around 9% for the last 4 years for full-time UK workers.

While some employers applauded the move to release individual company’s gap – like PWC (who already publicly release their figures) – others worried that the publication of the stats may lead to women turning away from the industry. Speaking to Recruitment Grapevine, Di-Toro reported that a recent Glassdoor study confirmed this fear. “Our study suggests that any employers where there is a pay gap will struggle to attract women,” he said. “So much so in fact that two thirds tell us that they’d think twice about joining a company if they knew a pay gap existed.”

Despite this, Di-Toro said that acknowledgement of the gender pay gap issue is globally low and wider education is needed. “Across the globe, when looking at all markets involved in this study, we discovered that about 70% of all employees don’t believe that there is a gender pay gap issue,” he said. “More than two in five of all UK employees believe a change in government legislation will help improve the gender pay gap. A low 20% state clearer communication from senior leaders and human resources execs will improve the gap. Perhaps surprisingly only 17% of female employees think that taking action and demanding equal pay would make any difference at all.”

While the journey to closing the gender pay gap is shortening , Di-Toro reported it’s “not at the rate we’d all like to see. The World Economic Forum finds that, although improvements have been made in balancing the discrepancy, it could take up to 81 years to reach gender parity in the workplace,” he said. “There is a lot of work still to do.”

How do you think the obligatory gender gap reveal will affect the recruitment industry? Let us know in the comments below.

You Can Now Get ALL the Benefits of Gmail on Your Other Email Accounts

If you (like us) love all the features of Gmail but don’t want to go through the hassle of creating a whole new email address, you ou can now Gmailify” your old email accounts.

Google announced last Wednesday it is enabling Yahoo! Mail, Hotmail and Outlook users to link their existing email accounts to Gmail through the Gmail app to take advantage of its features.

To get started, you’ll need to open the Gmail app, sign in to your email account(s) and enable the Gmailify button, Google software engineer Michael Käser wrote in a company blog post. This only works in the Gmail app and will not affect your email accounts otherwise.

By Gmailifying your account, you’ll get access to Gmail’s spam protection and inbox organisation (social, updates and promotions sections), search functions and notifications. Interacting with your mail, whether reading or deleting messages, will have the same effect in the original email account’s inbox.

Top Candidates are Gone Within 10 Days …

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Imagine that you’re at a farmers market and you need to acquire exceptional quality produce. If the market is open from 8am to 5pm, you could of course, find and buy pretty good produce at most any time. However, if you want exceptional quality produce, your best chance of actually getting it would come at opening time. And by the end of the first hour, the last bit of exceptional produce would likely be gone.

Well according to new research conducted by, recruiting top talent operates on a similar model. If you don’t make a quick hiring decision, every bit of the top echelon talent will be gone. In fact, the best candidates are off the market in 10 days… But unfortunately, many recruiting leaders and hiring managers mistakenly assume that top candidates will still be around when their firm is finally ready to make a hiring decision. The average hiring time is a whopping  34 days!

That’s why are saying that recruiters need to start adopting a principal business people have been using for years: “buy by date”, or in the case of recruiters a “hire by date”. We’ve all seen those “Use by ____” stickers that warn us to use a perishable item before it’s too late. Well, assigning a “hire by date” to a candidate serves a similar purpose, and that is to remind everyone that dragging out hiring decisions doesn’t improve hire quality, it actually reduces it.

Therefore, say that when a top performer prospect is identified by a sourcer, or when they apply at your firm, you must act quickly. They suggest that you should immediately estimate how many days they will likely remain available, and place a tickler item in your calendar/CRM to remind you to make a hiring decision before that date. Assigning a hire-by-date to a desirable candidate should then also trigger an expedited recruiting/hiring process. This process would ensure that if your firm makes an offer, it will be made before their assigned “hire by date” and hopefully before any talent competitors make an offer.

For more information how to develop this now cruical “hire by date” process and how to measure how long a top candidate will remain on the market, check out’s dedicated blog post on the topic.

Workshape have a NEW Product: “Who’s Hiring”

Who’s Hiring  is a digital space on Workshape’s existing platform where employers can get enhanced exposure to their extensive  developer community. The page will self update in real time as jobs get posted and will reorder the employers in terms of number of active jobs they have live.

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The killer feature is the Who’s Hiring link which exists both as a top level link on their landing page, as well as an ‘always on’ icon on the users (developer side) sidebar. This means it will be prominently visible to all developers who sign in or up to their platform (still running at 1000-1500 pcm) who will then have a 1-click journey to discover your employer brand.

Developers will be able to learn more about employers by clicking the relevant logo, which leads to a jobs page displayed in Workshape style, jobs as data visualisations:

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Clicking on the individual Workshapes will then reveal more the job opportunity in detail:
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The company hope this feature will give the employers they have on Workshape additional exposure to their rapidly growing developer community, and give them an entirely new way of discovering talent, testing for team fit and building talent pipeline.

Is This the Most Unique Way of Onboarding New Hires?

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At Lever, the moment a new hire signs an offer letter is the best part of their day. Why? Because they have one of the most unique ways of onboarding new hires and everyone likes to get involved!

Jennifer KimChief of Staff at Lever (a tech recruiting company), says that in her experience at previous companies, hiring managers “oftentimes miss the opportunity to reaffirm the new team member’s decision and celebrate with them”. She wanted things to be different at Lever. “We want candidates to know that the enthusiasm they felt during the interview process didn’t only exist to get them to join the team and fill a seat. We’re seriously stoked to be working with them and can’t wait for them to start”.

That’s why candidates get these in their emails after they decide to join Lever:

That’s right! Jennifer ensures that EVERY new hire receives their very own personalised GIF when they make the decision to join the team. “We have so. much. fun. creating these GIFs. The hiring manager or recruiter will let out a “whoo!” from their desk and yell out “GIF Time!” (or announce it in Slack). The team gathers and there’s a flurry of ‘I’m so excited about Sean!’s and ‘Congrats Paolo!’s and ‘When is she starting???’ as well as, ‘What’s the choreography?'”

An evolution of Lever welcome GIFS

  • 2014



  • Early 2015



  • 60+ GIFS later…





“We know it’s all worth it when recent hires are invited to join in on their first GIF-making and say things like, ‘Oh my gosh I loved my GIF so much!’ and ‘I was in a Lyft when I saw my GIF and totally freaked out!'” Kim continued.

But the GIF madness doesn’t end there. The hiring manager then cc’s the entire team on an email thread containing the “welcome gift,” where each employee then adds their own personal welcomes – which of course, include more GIFs:

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We are loving this brilliantly novel and creative idea! And we really hope more and more companies might be inspired to adopt a similar process.

Who here has got good GIF game? Fancy showing us over on Twitter or Instagram @SocialTalent?

LinkedIn Offering Hourly Workers an Opportunity to Acquire New Skills through Snagajob


Starting last Tuesday, LinkedIn are teaming up with the folks at Snagajob, the largest marketplace for hourly work, to create a career resources for the hourly jobseeker. The collaboration will initially focus on a special trial for Snagajob members with future product integrations and opportunities for joint research planned for later this year.

According to a LinkedIn blog post announcing the collaboration, Snagajob members can access the one-month free trial to content now to immediately take advantage of thousands of courses to help them acquire and improve on skills like communication, customer service, management, and more.

But that’s not all, LinkedIn will also be collaborating with Snagajob to partner on joint research of the hourly market to provide deeper insight into the workforce and career trends, the results of which they’ll share in the coming weeks. Should be an interesting read!

Why Asian Bankers are Becoming Recruiters

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There’s a new career path available for bankers in Asia, and an inside knowledge of the sector is all that’s needed. Riding on the cresst of a wave of redundancies at banks including Standard Chartered, Barclays and Deutsche Bank in Asia, recruitment agencies in Singapore and Hong Kong are keen to hire former finance professionals.

The Singapore offices of recruiters Hydrogen have hired 6 banking professionals in the past year, Associate Director Adam Solomons told “As most recruitment firms do when they first set up, we focused on hiring people with recruitment experience, who on paper were expected to do well. However, when we assessed patterns of success we realised that people from the banking industry tended to do better,” he said.

Asian recruiters have struggled to grow business, with Solomons reporting a number of prospective employers interviewing to work at Hydrogen “don’t even know their market or their clients”. “By contrast, when we hire from banks, they know first-hand the level of service a client needs to receive,” he explains. “They also come with a network of people, so they can hit the ground running. And they can build credibility because they know the industry.”

Fortunately for recruitment companies, their need for more finance talent coincides with a recent rise in redundancies at banks in Asia, with Barclays expected to soon cut 150 staff from their Singapore office. However according to Solomons, some willingly make the move from finance to recruitment. “While the recruitment industry in Singapore is competitive, we’ve found that more young finance professionals are finding the current climate too tough to stick with banking, and they want a career where their success is defined by their output and not by how long they’ve been in the business,” he said.

The Financial Times Just Launched Their First Recruitment Video

Last week saw the resleae of the Financial Times Today the FT has released its first employer brand video to highlight its outstanding people culture and the breadth of opportunities available at the FT, in the hopes of attracting people to the changing news industry.

Filmed primarily in London and New York, the video positions the FT as a destination employer with the objective of attracting and retaining the best talent. The video features testimonials from FT employees from across the business, demonstrating how the FT is an innovative, diverse and collegial place to work.

“We have an excellent reputation in the industry because of our strong values of editorial independence, quality, and integrity,” Rebecca Watts, UK-based head of brand and employee communications, tells But “the news industry is changing and we need to attract a more diverse set of skills than we did maybe 20 years ago.”

According to the FT, “successful applicants will work alongside entrepreneurial and adventurous colleagues. They will be empowered to learn, share knowledge and make decisions. From software developers to conference organisers, from journalists to marketeers, the FT recruits and retains some of the most creative and industrious thinkers in the media industry.”

What’s your opinion of the video? Will it attract the type of candidates the FT are looking to attract? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below.

Swedish Police Receive Children’s Adorable Job Application

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Three children have applied to work with the Swedish police, offering their services as spies as long as they don’t have to be involved in any “too dangerous crimes”. The heart-warming letter has gone viral in Sweden, after the police inspector at the station posted the note on Facebook.

Written by Stella, Malte and Moa-Li, aged between 7 and 9 years old, the letter states the children are “wondering if we can help with any crimes”.

It goes on to list their credentials, skills and interests: “We like to play football and draw, but best of all is spying,” it reads. However, the hand-written job application stipulates one condition. “But we don’t want to be involved in any too dangerous crimes,” they state.

Complete with hand-drawn love hearts, the note provoked a heart-warming reaction from the police who received it. “It was that kind of thing where you get totally happy and it will probably soon have been read by everyone at the station with a smile on their faces,” Police Inspector Pär Lundqvist wrote on Facebook. He revealed police had been in touch with the children’s parents and had promised to let them visit the station. He also divulged that the officers had permanently hung the note on the wall, reporting to the Aftonbladet tabloid that police officers getting fan mail was “not very common”.

Johnny Campbell is Headed to SourceCon All-Stars

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The crowd has spoken. A few weeks ago, we asked you, our readers, to take a couple of minutes to vote for our very own Johnny Campbell to play Jeopardy at SourceCon’s first ever gameshow event at SourceCon All-Stars. Well, the 3 All-Stars have been chosenand we’re delighted to announce that Johnny is one of them! The full list of All-Stars who will be sharing their sourcing knowledge with the audience in Orlando are:

  1. Jim Stroud of Randstad SourceRight
  2. Shannon Pritchett of Manpower Solutions
  3. Jonathan Campbell of Social Talent
Thank you to everyone who voted, we’ll see you there! To get your tickets register here.

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