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12 Little Victories That Only Recruiters Will Understand

We’ve talked about what really grinds our gears as recruiters. We’ve talked about the many emotions of an in-house recruiter. But let’s not forget that there are good times too, people. Like these….

Little Victory #1: When you get a notification that you’ve got mail on LinkedIn.

giphy (4)

Little Victory #2: When you nail your LinkedIn search on the first try.

giphy (5)

Little Victory #3: When the hiring manager’s first choice accepts the job.

giphy (6)

Little Victory #4: …or says ‘Yes’ as soon as they’re offered the job.

giphy (7)

Little Victory #5: When you’re screening a candidate and realise that they tick all the boxes.

giphy (8)

Little Victory #6: Two words. Perfect referrals.

giphy (16)

Little Victory #7: When you discover that by using a different keyword, your search just got 10 more results.

giphy (10)

Little Victory #8: When a candidate comes in for an interview and it’s clear as day that they’ve researched the company inside out.

giphy (11)

Little Victory #9: When you tell a candidate the starting salary and they’re totally ok with it.

giphy (15)

Little Victory #10: When you’re browsing through LinkedIn and see that one of your old placements has progressed in their career.

giphy (12)

Little Victory #11: When you finally place a candidate in a position that you’ve spent the past 6 months working on. 

giphy (13)

Little Victory #12: That moment when a hiring manager tells you that you’re doing a good job.

giphy (14)

Keep doing what you’re doing troops, you’re doing a great job ; )

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