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3 Clear-Cut Reasons Why Recruiting Tools Will Boost Your Efficiency

Today we live in a world that is governed by technology. When looking at how technology has affected the recruitment industry, things have definitely changed for the better. A lot of mundane and tiresome tasks have been automated and have allowed recruiters to become more productive. That means that tasks are getting done – Hallejulah. Workflows have become more sustainable and things are getting done quicker.

Imagine what the stone age of recruiting was like? I admire the hard labour that went into getting things done but I don’t envy the stress and bother they went through. Thankfully, finding great talent has become a lot easier and the ways in which we recruit candidates has evolved. Today, we look at how recruiting tools will make you a more efficient recruiter.

1. Predictive Analytics Make Life Easy

Analysing candidate data is essential is something every recruiter or hiring manager should be doing. It allows you to gauge a candidates suitability to a certain role at a company and will allow you to determine if they’re a good fit or not. For anyone that isn’t familiar with predictive analytics, it is most effective for Hiring Managers and recruiters during the pre-employment process.

With the use of predictive analytics, you can match important data with one another. Performance data and attrition is just a mere start to what you can do with predictive analytics. Your efficiency as a recruiter will improve using predictive analytics as you’re making better hires. You will see significant improvement with regards to cost and quality of hire. Bad hires cost money. With predictive analytics, you can avoid that. Check Zoho People if you’re in the market for a quality tool.

2. Use AI Tools To Improve Candidate Experience

One significant area where AI has helped recruiters, it’s candidate experience. Chatbots have become a common tool on many of today’s websites. And they certainly seem to be working! 83% of candidates said they would never apply for a job again after a bad candidate experience. In addition, According to CareerBuilder’s data, 67% of jobseekers reacted positively to being consistently updated throughout the application process.

The simple fact of the matter is that chatbots keep candidates engaged and keep them from leaving as soon as they’ve arrived. Tools such as Intercom amongst others allow you to tailor your messaging and point candidates in the direction you want them to go. If applicants have a question or are in need of assistance then an automated response can facilitate them. This means recruiters can free up their time and focus on more important matters.

3. Strong Talent Pipelines

The relationship between candidate and recruiter is sacred. A breakdown in communication leads to a bad candidate experience and leaves more work for the hiring manager or recruiter to go and find another candidate. With the use of an ATS, the nurturing and management of candidates is a whole lot easier.58% of candidates with a prior negative impression of the company they’re applying for admitted that they would not apply again in the future. This is where an ATS can help, especially is it’s integrated with your ATS.

With your ATS integrated with your CRM, you will have a better chance of keeping your can candidates warm. Candidates that are sent relevant job descriptions of interest to them will stay in touch and interact with your company. Furthermore, when it comes down to interviewing the brightest talent in your pipeline, your ATS can schedule and pinpoint those who have been nurtured. If you’re on the lookout for an ATS, check this list out.


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