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3 Effective Twitter Hiring & Sourcing Strategies

Have you ever made a placement or hire from Twitter? If not, why not? There are more profiles on Twitter than LinkedIn and it is a MUCH more engaging communication channel. Problem is, too few recruiters are using it. If you want to gain a real edge on your competitors you need to be thinking about the next big thing and it ain’t LinkedIn!

In this 45 minute webinar, we get you started on Twitter, explain the basics and suggest 3 ways that you can use to start filling your vacancies. No strings attached, just some great, free advice. Don’t have 45 mins to watch it? Jump to the section that matters most to you:

04:30: Why Twitter? Some stats and Research

08:15: Understanding the Basics

12:37: Do Job Feed Postings on Twitter work?

16:39: What should you Tweet about?

20:23: The Rules of Twitter for Recruiters

24:12: 3 Ways to Source Candidates on Twitter

38:58: How do you reach out to Candidates on Twitter

Don’t forget to register for next week’s webinar on how to Build Google Custom Search Engines like the “People Search” tab on this site.

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