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3 Great Tools to Enhance Your LinkedIn Profile for Recruiters

Let’s face it: your LinkedIn profile can be fairly bland. It’s a blank standard that means everyone looks the same. Black text on a white background. So how can we stand out as individuals and grab people’s attention?

There’s a few apps within LinkedIn that can enhance your profile to both drive candidates towards you and promote your jobs. These apps are free to install and easy to use. Here’s three apps we recommend that recruiters install on their LinkedIn profile and how to use them. Logo1.

This is one of the best applications that LinkedIn offer and is ideally suited to recruiters. The application’s blurb says that it’s an app “to manage all your important files online. lets you share content on your profile, and collaborate with friends and colleagues.” What this essentially means for recruiters is that you can host your job specs, application forms, graduate programme literature, photos of your office and company culture or anything else you want really.

There is a paid-for version of this application (from $15 a month), which gives you detailed analytics of exactly who downloaded your files and up to 50 GB of space. We really recommend that you at least start out on the free account, and load in your jobs to highlight them on your profile.

Here’s how to use

In your main navigation panel at the top of your LinkedIn homepage, click on “More” to reveal further options. If is not in the list of applications already downloaded to your profile, then click on “Get more Applications”.

Click on (it’s normally the top one) and install it on your profile. Set up an account using your email address and a password, and you’re good to go!

To install files, you can really easily create folders (such as “Latest Engineering Jobs” or “Graduate Recruitment Programme“) and then just drag and drop your files from your desktop or use the standard uploader. If you prefer to have the same files spread across all of your team’s profiles, then you can have everyone use the app under one account. Any file changes made from the master account will be cascaded to everyone’s profile automatically.

Slideshare Logo2. Slideshare

This application hosts PowerPoint decks and videos on your profile, and it’s again one of the most well known and used apps on LinkedIn. If you’re looking for ways to further promote your company or the specific job opportunities you’re hiring for, then why not make a really interactive  powerpoint presentation with those opportunities displayed for job seekers to review? Take a look at this Slideshare CV that of Irish marketeer Jordan McDonnell managed to attract over 90,000 last week, and click here for a great blog by Hubspot on optimising your Slideshare docs to generate leads.

To download this app, again go to your “More” dropdown menu and click on Slideshare from here, or if it’s not displayed click on “Get More Applications”. Install Slideshare and create an account.

Powerpoint presentations go into Slideshare seamlessly, and again if you’d like to have all of your team show the same presentation on their profiles, just authenticate everyone with the same account.

Like there is a Pro version, and for $19 per month you can upgrade to a 300MB storage plan that can also accept up to 10 videos per month, so whatever videos your company has made demonstrating the working environment etc can be loaded in here.

Google Presentations Logo3. Google Presentations

An alternative to Slideshare, this is a completely free app that enables you to upload both PowerPoint presentations seamlessly into your profile, or create a presentation using Google Docs. What’s really cool about this app is you can embed a YouTube video into your presentation screen (as a single slide presentation or within a slide deck), without having to upgrade to a Pro account.

Google Docs Presentations works in really similar ways to ordinary Powerpoint, so creating a presentation from scratch if you’re not using Powerpoint is easy. To embed a YouTube video, all you do is start a presentation, click on Insert and then Video.

You can increase the size of the video screen to fit the whole frame or add text around it too. To save your presentation, just add a title to it (top left corner of the document screen will be “Untitled presentation” – just click on this and rename it), and then load your new presentation into your App on LinkedIn.

Tips for Apps: Apps will automatically slot themselves into the end of your profile when you download them, but you can move them around to any part of your profile (apart from the top summary box) so that they’re noticed more quickly than when one has to scroll all the way through your profile.

To do this: click on Edit Profile, and then go to where your Applications are. The section containing all your Apps should have a blue highlight that you can move up and down with your mouse. Drag and drop the Applications section to wherever you want it to sit. You can do this to each individual section of your profile, to perhaps highlight your education or your experience over your summary or Specialities.

If you’re not using these apps, get on them quick and really boost the look and feel of your LinkedIn profile to further promote your job roles! What apps would you recommend to boost LinkedIn profiles, and what results have you seen from using Apps? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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