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31 Dogs Who Take Their Jobs Very Seriously

Recruiters! Stop messing around trying to source and hire human candidates. They’re useless. If you want a job done, call a dog. You’ll soon see why!

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1. This very polite Shiba.


2. This programmer with laser focus.


3. This Shiba, who won’t let any physical malfunctions get in the way of telling the news.


4. These archeologists dutifully studying their newest, oldest finds.

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5. This consummate professional who wishes people would take the weather report more seriously.


6. This fuzzy fellow who is VERY serious about checking IDs.


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7. This champ who knows the key to success to is to practice all.the.time.


8. This very important white van driver.

9. This highly skilled mixologist.


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10. This freshman cop who doesn’t act like a rookie.


11. This pet nutritionist here to answer any questions or concerns.


12. These champion Lyft drivers that’ll get you safely from point A to point B.


13. This thorough health and safety officer.

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14. And this dishwasher who NEVER misses a spot.


15. This very official security officer.


16. And this diligent JCB operator.


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17. This master photographer who won’t rest until he gets the perfect shot.


18. This heroic firefighter.


19. This diligent housekeeper.


20. This snow plower.


21. This speedy data entry specialist.

22. This keen mattress tester.

23. This trusty pizza delivery boy.

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24. This knowledgeable antiques dealer.

25. This spreadsheet whizz kid.

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26. This stylish magazine editor.

27. This proud Sixt employee.

28. This highly sought after fashion model.

29. This babysitter (move over Super Nanny!)

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30. This dishwasher repair man.

31. And finally, this pup with the greatest dog job of all time: professional hugger.


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