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4 Key Takeaways From the 2016 Global Recruiting Survey for the APAC Region

Today we’re taking a look at the key findings from our 2016 Global Recruiting Survey that are specific to the APAC region. As you may remember, late last year we surveyed almost 1,000 recruiting professionals across a number of global regions, to discover things like:

  • How much the average recruiter is investing in social media
  • How large the average recruiter’s network is
  • What recruiting best practice looks like
  • How each of these factors vary across global regions

…and much more! Based on the findings of the survey, it’s very good news for recruiters in Asia and Oceania, who are edging ahead of other regions when it comes to recruiting smarter.

Takeaway #1: APAC Recruiters are edging ahead of EMEA and the Americas when it comes to networking

Recruiter's Network

Last year, the Global Recruiting survey showed that sourcers in EMEA were twice as likely to have more than 500+ connections on LinkedIn than those in the APAC region. This year, that gap has well and truly closed, with just 11% in the difference between recruiters in EMEA and APAC that have between 501-2000 connections. What’s more is that APAC recruiters are actually slightly ahead of the ‘super-connector’ pack, with 17% of recruiters boasting over 5000 connections. The Americas fell just behind with 16% and EMEA even more so with 13%.

Takeaway #2: APAC Recruiters fill jobs faster due to performance related pay

Performance Related Pay APAC

The topic of performance related pay yielded some of the most interesting results from the survey. Overall, it was clear to see that performance related pay delivers results, and this is no less true for APAC recruiters. Firstly, 68% of recruiters in the APAC region are more likely to receive performance related pay, falling just behind EMEA (70%). The key findings surrounding this were that when recruiters are driven by performance related pay, they tend to fill jobs faster (within 20-39 days), are more likely to pick up the phone and call a candidate, they work independently or from home and have a higher CV submission-to-interview percentage.

Takeaway #3: APAC Recruiters work less hours than their US & Canadian counterparts

Recruiter APAC

Just 11% of recruiters in the APAC region work more than 45 hours a week, compared to almost half of recruiters in the US and Canada (43%) and 38% in EMEA. On average, 54% of respondents work on less than 10 requisitions at any one time. So taking into consideration that performance related pay is quite common in the APAC region, it shows that recruiters are not only filling jobs faster and creating higher quality shortlists, but they are doing it in less time.

Takeaway #4: APAC Recruiters still have the highest restrictions on Social Media usage

Social Media Restrictions

No real surprises here – APAC still continues to report the highest restrictions when it comes to social media usage in the office, with 41% of recruiters being affected. This is way above the average of 13% across the board, but is showing notable change from last year’s similar results, which found that 68% of sourcers in China reported social media restrictions in the workplace.

Some of the most interesting results from the 2016 Global Recruiting Survey highlighted just how much waste there is in the sourcing funnel. On average, a recruiter needs to find 282 people in order to make just one hire. Our chief sourcing ninja, Johnny had this to say about the results:

“Huge waste and inefficiency still exists within the recruitment industry. Even after many years of recruiters discovering and learning brand new techniques to attract the best talent, wastage still remains resulting in reduced productivity and static hiring stats. 

Screen Shot 2016-04-26 at 11.29.03

The silver lining here is that there is a massive opportunity in the industry for recruiters to redefine their candidate pipeline. Simple tweaks to candidate engagement strategies, existing processes and sharing best practice will drive lean improvements for you and your business.”

So although there is a lot of room for improvement when it comes to reducing waste in the sourcing funnel through better practices, more effective searches, and engagement tactics – overall the APAC region is in great shape. There’s visible improvements from 2015 to 2016 for LinkedIn networking, as well as staying on par with EMEA in terms of filling jobs faster, all in spite of social media restrictions; this clearly tells us that APAC recruiters are working smarter and making better use of their hours. So give yourselves a well-deserved pat on the back, recruiters – let’s see if the trends continue on into 2017!

Are you a recruiter in the APAC region? Do you agree with the key findings from the Global Recruiting Survey? We want to hear from you! Tweet us and let us know what an average day in your life is like – do you work more than 45 hours per week? Do you think you work smarter than your fellow recruiters around the world? Let us know using the hashtag #GlobalRecruitingSurvey.

Download the complete results from the 2016 Global Recruiting Survey here

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