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5 Major Technical SEO Trends To Help Your Business (Infographic)

SEO Trends 2018

When looking at implementing an SEO strategy, it’s essential for any business to focus on getting the right kind of traffic directed to their website. Without a doubt, you want the right people to know you exist. In addition, you want to prioritise your website for your exact target audience. Especially, the people whose pain points you can address.

You want your website to be displayed on all the major search engines (Google, Bing, etc…), and you especially want it displayed on the first page of a search engine. That way, you have a greater chance of being found! The higher up the page you are on search engines will result in valuable traffic being directed to your website.

When it comes to recruitment SEO Рyou need to be precise. This means categorising your website and prioritising the content you deem most important. This all starts by outlining your entire website and drawing up your own sitemap and going from there.

This infographic by Sefati Consulting dives a little deeper and looks at technical SEO trends you need to know for 2018. If you want candidates to stumble across your website, make sure that your website is SEO optimised the right way!

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