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5 Reasons why you should have been at the IrishRecruiters Tuesday Club last night



Not at the IrishRecruiters Tuesday Club last night?  Shame on you, here’s what you missed…..
Last night’s Irish Recruiters Tuesday Club was the Group’s first free event and was hosted by Deloitte in their office in Dublin.  Deloitte are pioneers in social media recruitment and a big supporter of what the Irish Recruiters Group is trying to do.  Attendance was around 70 people, which makes it the busiest Tuesday Club to date with lots of new faces coming along to network and share ideas around social networking and internet recruitment.  Declan Fitzgerald, founder of the group, led with some interesting facts including the fact that nearly a quarter of the Group are now non-agency, which was born out by a show of hands in the room.
If you are an in-house recruiter, agency recruiter, executive search consultant or business owner interested in the recruitment industry, here’s why you should have been there:
1.  Declan kicked off the evening by discussing the results of the social media survey that he has been running for the last few weeks.  The survey is being re-opened so the final results will not be published for a few more weeks but we were lucky enough to get a sneak preview:
  • 73% of recruiters are using Linked In whilst 33% are now using Facebook (we assume their is huge overlap here).
  • 76% have hired through social media so far this year; one respondent claims to have hired over 120!  88% have hired throigh Linked In with 11% hiring through Facebook.
  • Companies and agencies plan to reduce their jobs board spend by 50% next year; 60% will be spending more on social media, 52% more on SEO.  40% are planning to spend more on Direct Sourcing, ie in-house.

If you want to see the full, final results in a few weeks time, you’re going to have to take the survey:

2. Declan provided the Group with a Technology update covering new products, developments and innovations that he is seeing in the marketplace that Irish Recruiters should be paying attention to.  These included:
  • First look at Promoted Tweets on Twitter: very simple to implement a campaign and very powerful to promote your brand in hashtags and search terms.  Microsoft made 2 hires through promoted tweets last month alone.  Not open to the general public yet, just some selected partners.
  • Swix: Social Media Analytics Tool comes highly recommended.  We should also check out Twitres for sourcing on Twitter and also Co Tweet which is trying to promote social media across organisations. Another new product, Tweeterview even allows you to interview someone live with only 140 characters each way!  Weird but wonderful?
  • Vantage Resources have launched the first Irish Recruitment iPhone app; well done for getting it to market guys.
  • was launched in the last few weeks and is trying to promote video job specs.
  • Declan shows us a new ad by AXA in Belgium showing a print ad whereby you place your iPhone on the print ad and your iPhone comes to life with a tailored ad. Shelflife magazine in Ireland is trying something similar with QR Codes and they are beginning to pop up on billboards and in newspapers all over the country. Eric Smith spoke recently at a conference about Serendipity in a search context, confluence of events, location, interest etc. Innovations in advertising could have a huge impact on the recruitment sector.
  • Recommendation Indexes: MixTent allows you to log in with Linked In, brings up several individuals and asks you to rank them against each other.  Interesting product.
3. For those of you who didn’t already know, Declan has recently joined LinkedIn as their Head of International Recruitment which provides his audience with an “inside-man” to tell us all about what LinkedIn are doing. The value of this cannot be understated especially considering that LinkedIn is widely recognised as the most important social media tool for recruiters.  Here’s what we learned:
  • LinkedIn are now at 80 million users; have brought in new functionality for Groups, new entries to the App directory including which is like a clever SkyDrive.  They also bought out a recommendation index company and ChoiceVendor, another recommendation play; a company with an incredible team of engineers. Company Pages launched in April and there are now 30 million users following over 1 million companies.
  • LinkedIn Signal recently launched in private beta; capturing Twitter type data to filter information in updates and tell you what’s happening; you can filter by network, industry, company, time, geo-location etc.  Career Explorer also launched today supporting students and graduates in helping them direct their careers.

4. How often do you get to have really topical discussions with your competitors and peers within the industry in a non-confrontational, inclusive environment?  I would reckon that is close to never but at last night’s Tuesday Club, as had been done before at the previous IrishRecruiters events, we all got the opportunity to break into groups of 7 or 8 and thrash out our opinions on 3 topical items for 30 minutes at at time.  Each Group presented a summary of their thoughts and it became apparent that their are so many ideas in the room and most group’s went off on different tangents, which shows that each of us should not be limited by our own opinions on such matters.

I chaired the group that I was part of for the third discussion (i.e. took notes!!!) and here’s what we discussed:

Discussion Topic: What privacy considerations now need to be taken into account in the new world of social media?
We broke this debate into two; firstly the data protection considerations of taking somebody’s information from a site such as LinkedIn or Facebook and recording it on a third party, proprietary recruitment database without the candidate’s knowledge.  Is this even legal?  There were several different opinions on this but we all agreed that we dont really know for sure what the legal framework around this kind of issue is.
The other side of the debate was around whether organisations should have social media policies for their staff, especially if those staff are using these channels to engage with potential employees and actively recruit.  There can be huge tension when organisations try to impose restrictions on what their recruiters can and cannot say on blogs and facebook when they could be perceived to be representing the employer.  We came to a consensus agreement that no company can ignore social media so each should have some sort of social media policy for their staff but it should not be overly restrictive and it should be organic in that it will need to develop and change over time.
5. Aside from the two hours that we spent talking and listening in a formal capacity, last night’s event was an invaluable opportunity to meet with your industry colleagues.  There was gossip, news, opinion, introductions, business opportunities and in some cases, just a bit of craic.  Sometimes you can fool yourself into thinking that all is great or all is bad when surrounded by the same faces day in and day out so its great to hear from other recruiters, in-house people, service providers and trainers alike to understand how they are finding business in these tough times.  The sandwiches, snacks, tea and coffee weren’t bad either!!
The next Irish Recruiters event is the the Irish Recruiters Winter Conference and Innovation Awards night which will run from 1.30pm to 8pm on Thursday the 2nd of December.  If you’re not going, don’t forget that your competitors probably are!  See you at the next event!

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