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Strike A Pose: The Top Roles In Fashion Recruiting Right Now

Think the fashion industry is an impenetrable fortress? Think again!  Indeed, has identified potential employers and roles for those inspired by the glitz and glamour of 2018’s London Fashion Week.

Those who dream of a career surrounded by supermodels, expert photographers and the most coveted designs and fabrics in the world need not fret for experience. Indeed has compiled a list of entry-level jobs and typical salaries, which range between £17,218 and £41,163.

Models come in at the top of the list, proving that it really does pay to be beautiful. PR assistants take the second spot (£41,163) and are followed in the top five by the roles of junior buyers (£23,819), Hairdresser (£23,619), and junior publicist (£22,336). 

Meanwhile, for those who are keen on a career in fashion but don’t know where to start, Indeed has compiled a list of entry-level jobs and typical salaries, which range between £17,218 and £41,163.

Roles are varied and include: junior buyers who help identify potential fashion trends; fashion PRs who work to create a buzz about a brand; and visual merchandisers who work to make sure fashion stores display the latest look in the most effective way.





Fashion Model



Fashion PR Assistant



Junior Buyer






Junior Publicist



Visual Merchandiser



Photographer’s Assistant



Assistant Stylist



Makeup Artist





As well as roles in the industry at large, major fashion brands are currently hiring. Sweaty Betty, Zara, Ann Summers and Superdry among UK’s top fashion recruiters.

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