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6 Lessons to Learn from the Careers Pages of the Top US & UK Direct Hiring Teams


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A few weeks ago we wrote a feature on the Top 10 Largest Direct Hiring Teams in the US and last week the Top 10 Largest Direct Hiring Teams in the UK. In doing so, we took particular interest in the LinkedIn Careers Pages of the Top 10 firms and what they had decided to include and exclude from those pages, so we decided to compile a list of the lessons we learned from their Careers Pages and ultimately, what elements you should include on your Careers Page that will attract and engage potential candidates and assist you in getting your money’s worth from this paid service:

6 Lessons We Can Learn from the Careers Pages of the Top US & UK Direct Hiring Teams:

1. Consistent Management & Maintenance

A static page can be perceived as a dead one. How are potential candidates supposed to believe that your company is ‘always on top of the latest trends‘ or ‘constantly changing and progressing‘ when it seems you can’t even be bothered to update your LinkedIn Careers Page? They can’t, so keep the look, feel, and content encased within your Careers Page up-to-date and as professional as your organisation.

Here’s some simple steps you can take right now:

  • Ensure you have a suitable and inviting hero image (sizing guidelines can be found here)

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  • Keep a consistent tone of voice throughout the page. Ideally one person/administrator should be in charge of the page and become ‘the voice’ of the page.
  • Create compelling calls to action that will encourage a potential candidate to click through to the company’s Facebook, Twitter, Careers website etc. Just labelling the links “Twitter”, “Facebook” etc. isn’t going to cut it. Take inspiration from the following companies: Google, Target, JPMorgan Chase, Royal Bank of Scotland, BBC.

  • Be sure to fill out all facets of the Careers Page and don’t leave blanks if you can avoid it. By filling out every facet of the page it shows the company has pride in it’s culture and it’s product/service offering and by filling out all page sections, you are showing it off loud and proud.
  • LinkedIn Career Pages help you to deliver a custom experience, unique to each visitor. Be sure to customise your message based on a member’s location, industry, job function, and more, to capture the attention of every potential candidate who visits your page.

2. Include an Employer Branding Video

If a picture say a 1000 words, just imagine what a video can do! Keep yours short, keep it snappy and be sure to show off the company and most importantly; your staff.

When looking at the employer branding videos of the Top 10 US and UK firms, one particular kind of employer branding video really stuck out: videos invloving real employees, telling their personal stories about their experience of the company and it’s culture. This type of employer branding video, is a step above the norm, they’re known as Experience Branding. Experience Branding efforts realise that people and not the corporate entity are the key.  Each of the following companies found the human stories within their business and they shared them with potential employees: IBM, TargetWells Fargo, Walmart.

In order to achieve this yourself, try pinpointing your brand advocates i.e. your most loyal embers of staff, and ask them to share their Acme Co. story in their words or show the world what a typical day at work looks like for them and why they enjoy it and have done for many years. If possible, find an advocate in each sector of your company; marketing, accounting, IT etc., so that there is always someone any potential candidate can relate to. Check out IBM’s video (above) for inspiration.

3. Upload New Jobs, Remove Old Jobs

Maintaining a list of current job openings is also very important. Old jobs should be removed, new jobs should be added. House-keeping is essential. Be sure to update your page everyday with new roles or  at least once a week. Remember, all jobs that are displayed on your careers page are automatically targeted to each viewer.

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4. Regularly Updated Content

Be sure to produce regularly updated content that is relevant to potential candidates who will be following or visiting your Careers page. Your Company Page updates are automatically included on your Careers Page, so be sure to keep content focused on the company, your industry and how it relates back to the company, job hunting advice etc. Companies that are seen to be highly involved, interested and active in their industry will be viewed more favourably by potential employees. Accenture, BP, Tesco and Microsoft all have the right idea.

Linkedin | Pulse content

It’s even easier to keep content relevant and engagement levels high by selecting specific audiences to receive each update.

5. Feature Your Recruiters & Employees

Take the opportunity to feature a couple of your recruiters and employees and introduce members of your team to potential members. Why not include the profiles of some of your recruiters? Introducing recruiters to potential candidates on a passive level may help with contact at a later date. Regardless of who you choose to feature on the page, be sure to tailor who certain visitors see. Employees or recruiters featured on your LinkedIn Careers Page can be set to appear only when the page is accessed by individuals in certain location and or with ceratin job titles, so take advantage of that feature.

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6. Feature Your Awards & Achievements

Everyone would love to work for a successful team so show them the awards and recognition that your company has received. This is no time to be shy!

LinkedIn | Awards and achievements


So now that you have a better idea of what to include on your LinkedIn Careers Page, what are you waiting for? Get out there and make your company’s Careers Page, the best it can be.

If you would like to learn more LinkedIn and how you can improve your sourcing and recruiting efforts on the world’s favourite professional network, then download our Black Belt in Internet Course Prospectus, visit our website or email one of our helpful Sales team at [email protected]

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