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6 Most Talked About Recruitment News Stories this Week - 25th August 2014

In the news this week:

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SlideShare PRO Features For Free!

recruitment news stories

Yep! You heard correctly, last Wednesday SlideShare decided to make their most popular PRO features available to all users at no cost, with immediate effect! Meaning that the following features will be available to all users in the coming months:

Smart Analytics

  • Smart Analytics slideshareView traffic sources, geographic details and more to determine where your views are coming from.
  • Measure the engagement for each upload with download details, likes, comments and email shares.
  • Easily see which content takes off so you can analyse your data and feed it back into your content strategy.

Private uploads slidesharePrivate Uploads

  • Upload and share privately with only the people you’ve sent a link to before you share publicly.
  • Embed your SlideShare only on certain domains, like company intranet sites.
  • Schedule your SlideShare’s to publish openly when you’re ready.

Video uploads slideshareVideo Uploads

  • Showcase conferences, marketing tutorials, product demos and videos alongside presentations, info graphics and documents.
  • Add high-definition videos up to 55MB.

Profile customisation slideshareProfile Customisation

  • Create a distinct brand identity with a custom banner image.
  • Choose how and where your favourite SlideShares appear on your profile.

As part of this effort to make more features available to more people, SlideShare say they will be “discontinuing some smaller features” in order to invest their resources towards creating “even better experiences for you on SlideShare“.

What the change means for you:

  1. Don’t worry, your account settings won’t change and your profile and analytics will remain untouched.
  2. Your existing lead campaigns will continue to run as normal, however, the Leadshare form will be moved to the end of presentations to make the “viewing experience better”. And for now, your leads will be free of cost.
  3. Your pro subscription will be cancelled immediately and your credit card will no longer be charged. If you paid for an annual prescription, SlideShare will issue a pro-rated refund from August 20th.
  4. A detailed list of all the feature changes can be found here.

National Average for Time to Fill Open Positions is now the Longest Since 2001

25 days – that’s the national average for how long it takes to fill an open potion these days, and is the leggiest job vacancy period since 2001 (13 years ago).

recruitment news stories

In the report, produced by Dice Holdings Inc., it was shown that on average it took 24.9 working days (Monday – Saturday) in June to post, source, and eventually hire a new employee. That’s a whole 9 days longer than it took back at the height of the recession in 2009! With jobs in the Information sector (which includes the notorious tech industry), and the Financial Services sector vacant for the longest periods. And the hiring delay is longest at the US’s largest companies (those with 5,000 employees or more), where the time it takes to fill a job is 58.1 working days.

recruitment news stories

Hireology Gets $10 Million Investment

Hireology- LogoThe HR software vendor, Hireology, have just received an infusion of $10 million in venture capital from Bain Capital Ventures (the company who have provided capital financing to both Taleo and LinkedIn in the past). Mike Krupka, Bain managing director, noted the recruiting-specialist firm, founded in 2010, grew from a promising start-up into a major player in the HR technology field, providing easy-to-use talent management technology to organisations that previously did everything manually and that Hireology has “strong growth potential“.

The investment will help the company expand beyond its initial focus on franchise operators and some service firms with large numbers of small locations. Hireology CEO and co-founder Adam Robinson has said the company has already begun to pursue retailers with small shops in multiple locations, auto dealers and real estate agencies.

For more information about Hireology’s recruiting and HR software, click here.

The 10 Hottest Cities for Tech Talent

And nope, the number one spot does not go to San Fran/Bay Area! In fact, the top four cities attracting LinkedIn members with tech skills are in India.

recruitment news stories

And to give you a scale for just how popular these cities are amongst tech talent, consider this: for the 52 cities that LinkedIn analysed for this list, the median percentage of new residents with tech skills was 16%, or 1 in 6. And for the Indian cities in the top 10, that number was more like 1 in 3.

The 3 Most Popular Skill Categories of the Migrating Tech Talent are:

  1. IT Infrastructure and Systems Management
  2. Java Development
  3. Web Programming

LinkedIn’s survey also revealed the 10 cities that attracted they smallest percentage of tech talent, and they are as follows:

  1. Miami/Fort Lauderdale – 11%
  2. Paris – 11%
  3. Nashville – 11%
  4. Cleveland/Akron – 12%
  5. Las Vegas – 12%
  6. New Delhi – 12%
  7. Madrid – 13%
  8. St. Louis – 13%
  9. Washington D.C. Metro – 13%
  10. Mumbai – 13%

Vine Release a Brand New Camera

Thinking your employer branding efforts could do with a bit of a boost? well, Vine’s new camera should make things a little easier for you.

The new camera offers “powerful ways to edit your videos as well as the ability to import existing videos on your phone and turn them into Vines. Simply put, this release gives you total creative freedom” all in one app.

Here’s what’s new:

  • Front and rear facing camera
  • Import existing videos from your phone
  • You can now select one video or mix together several

recruitment news stories

  • Slow-motion videos are supported
  • Faster more precision focused editing tools such as the duplicate button, mute button and undo button
  • You can now preview your last clip right from the capture screen

recruitment news stories

  • Ghost mode now let’s you line up shots
  • A new torch feature lets you shoot in low light settings

More than 100 million people watch Vines across the web and there are more than 1 billion loops every day, so the employer branding opportunities open to you are huge!

Give the new camera a whirl by downloading the latest version of Vine for iOS here, and stay tuned for the upcoming Android release very soon.

LinkedIn’s Head of Products and User Experience Resigns

recruiting news stories

Dipchand “Deep” Nisha

Dipchand “Deep” Nishar, a LinkedIn senior vice president who helped the professional social network expand internationally and on mobile devices, is resigning to pursue a chief executive post, according the to the Wall Street Journal.

The man credited with helping “transform” the company, particularly through new products, will see his resignation effective as of October 3rd, but according to Nishar’s LinkedIn page, he will remain an adviser to the company going forward.

LinkedIn had 30 million members when Niskar joined the company back in 2008. Today it has about 313 million. Among his achievements with company, helping redesign the look of the LinkedIn home page is included, as is guiding its mobile strategy and helping its expansion into places like China, where it has “made a big push” LinkedIn have said.

In a LinkedIn post entitled “Next Chapter”, Nishar has said he “looks forward to the possibilities that the future holds,” and hopes for a “three-peat” at another successful startup. “Or, as my cricketing buddies would say, a ‘hat-trick,’ ” he added.

LinkedIn have no immediate plans to hire a successor.

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