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6 Things: You Need To Know About Sourcing This Week

In the news this week:

Twitter launches brand new iOS & Android app

For the first time Twitter users will finally be able to include pictures and photos in their direct messages.

Twitter named the top Tech Company to work for in 2013′

At this year’s Glassdoor 2014 Employees’ Choice Awards, Glassdoor members in the Employees Choice Award Category voted Twitter the top Tech Company to work for in 2014. This is a highly impressive accolade but especially when you consider the results were based on employee feedback shared on Glassdoor via an online survey. One employee summed up the her experience with the company in one senetence: “#Amazing since day one”. Also included in the Top 5 were LinkedIn, Facebook, Bain & Co and Eastman Chemical.

LinkedIn launch a brand new inbox

Last Thursday LinkedIn began rolling out a newly redesigned inbox to all English speaking members (other languages to follow in the New Year). The new layout promises to make the navigation of the inbox easier which in turn will help you better “manage and build your professional relationships on LinkedIn”.  The redesign includes:

  • a more streamlined design that incorporates larger pictures to make following and managing your professional conversations easier
  • centralized navigation on the left side of the inbox and within each message which should help you quickly move between both your messages and invitations
  • a  preview of each message to make browsing and prioritising faster and easier


Watch the video here:


LinkedIn release latest Talent Demand Index Report for Graduates

LinkedIn have released their latest Talent Demand Index Report and this time it’s all about graduates with data gathered from all over Europe, the US and Australia.  In summary, in Europe the UK is over fished when it comes to grads but graduates from the University of Leeds, Newcastle, and Birmingham are relatively untapped, The Netherlands and France are good sources for grads and in the US, obvious markets like San Francisco, Houston TX and New York City are pretty mcuh tapped out, but LA, San Diego, Miami and Detroit remain under-utilised. In terms of graduate performance, the highest performing graduates were not from any one specific university, but in fact the highest in their class of any university.

LinkedIn announce the Top 10 Company Pages for 2013

The list are usual suspects like Dell, Adobe, Hubspot, Mashable and NPR with some surprises!

Best LinkedIn Company Pages 2013 from LinkedIn

LinkedIn list their ‘Top 10 Books for Professionals

The list included such business classics as Les Miserables and The Bible… What? Staying true to their cutting edge principles, they did actually mention some business books such as “The & Habits of Highly Effective People” and “How to Win Friends and Influence People”. Next year, it is rumoured that they might start considering books from the 21st Century!

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