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7 Office Party Bloopers You Should ALWAYS Avoid

Dylan Redmond
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Office parties can be eventful to say the least! From office romances to boozed up binges, we’ve all heard a crazy story or two in our day.  Whether it’s a birthday, work summer party or a few drinks after work – just remember to play it safe! Whatever you do, steer clear of doing anything from the list below.

1. Having one too many

Let’s start with the most important no-no. Getting wasted and professing your undying love for your boss won’t win you any favours.


2. Questionable dress sense

Word of advice: just be yourself! Don’t go out of your way and buy a new wardrobe in an attempt to impress your work colleagues.

3. Don’t be a flirty pants

Major no-no. The last thing you want people talking about your flirtatious behaviour at a work party.

4. Don’t bring strangers to a work party

It’s called a ‘work’ party for a reason. Don’t go bringing your friend Andy from next door. Next thing you know, they’re racking up outrageous tabs and letting slip some dirty secrets….about you!


5. If you’re going abroad….bring sunscreen

The lobster look isn’t cool. Be safe. Wear sunscreen!

6. Don’t go OTT on the dance moves

There are some people that turn into Michael Flatley after a few drinks. Legs and arms flying everywhere. Clear the dance-floor if you see this nut. OR wear a gum-shield if you dare attempt to join in.

7. Don’t tell your boss exactly what you think of them

The last thing you want is your p45 waiting for you the next day. Just be nice. Especially when talking to your boss 🙂


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