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7 Tasty Work Snacks That Will Change Your Life Forever!

For many who work in a busy environment, it can often be hard to stay on top of your diet and eat the right food. Eating healthy is SO important, especially in the workplace. Indulging in a few healthy work snacks now and again will help you stay fueled and focused. Most importantly – it will stop your belly from rumbling! More often than not, people will eat slices of bread or another high in calorie foods. That’s when the bad habits start to creep in.

Bad eating habits can have severe long-term effects on your health. Eating your lunch from a vending machine on the reg will result in you munching on 1000’s of calories. So if you’re like me, and enjoy a mid-afternoon munch, you might dig these healthy snacks.

1. Quinoa Chips

If you haven’t tried quinoa chips, you are definitely missing out! The great thing about quinoa chips is that you feel a little less guilty when you inhale a whole packet to yourself. If you like a bit of spice – go for hot & spicy, you won’t regret it!

2. Smoked Almonds

This is a snack that you will find most days on my desk. Almonds are a seriously high source of vitamin E which is known to help increase memory. So, not only are Almonds delicious, but you will have a super-brain after eating them. Winning! They might even give you that boost you need on a Monday to power through the day.

3. Fruit Flapjack

Filled with oats, nuts, fruit and berries, flapjacks are a great midmorning snack. Take Ma Baker for example – they are filled with flavour and are suitable for vegetarians and vegans. It’s a win-win!

4. Chilli Nuts

You’ve probably guessed by now. Yes, I’m nuts about nuts! There are many brands out there but we’re using the Good Snack chilli peanuts and cashews for example here. Again, peanuts and cashews are rich with Vitamin E, but the added touch of chilli powder gives it a hell of a punch. Enough to wake anyone up from their mid-afternoon slumber.

5. VitHit

I’m guessing that many out their won’t classify VitHit as a snack, but I’m adding it to the list anyway. This hydrant is filled with goodness! VitHit is low in calories and has a wide range of flavours that you can try. The combination of vits, juice, water and teas is enough to make you feel fantastic!

6. Chocolate Protein Bar

I go to the gym once in a blue moon, but when I do, I like to munch on a chocolate protein bar before my workout. The placebo effect of me feeling 10 times stronger kicks in right away. Except this is reality. And I’m still a shrub. Anyway, the Fufil is my bar of choice. Low in sugar, 100% RDA and contains 9 multivitamins…yes, please!

7. Mixed Fruit

Ah…the old reliable. If there’s one snack that will never fail to fuel and energise you then it’s fruit. Whether it’s a fruit salad or an apple a day to keep the doctor away – each piece of fruit is high in energy and will help you power through the day. Lately, I’ve been dying of thirst lately and the wonderful Holly Fawcett had a top tip on how to rid of it.

Top Tip: Cut lemon, lime or orange up into slices and add it to your water. These fruits are filled with electrolytes! Your body craves electrolyte minerals, so next time, add fruit to your water. It actually works!


The List could go on but I’ve got to split. It’s been fruitful and I’ve tried to make this piece as juicy as possible for our readers. Hopefully, you’ve learned something new! Any favourite snacks of your own? Tag us on Twitter and let us know!

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