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8 Brutal Answers Given By Candidates In a Job Interview


If you’re a recruiter or HR Manager and you’re reading this post today, then I bet you’re rolling your eyes to heaven. I’m sure you can think back on a bunch of times where something ridiculous came out of the mouths of your candidates. At the end of the day – you take the good with the bad. BUT today, we’re going to solely focus on the bad.

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1. Sorry, I’m Late!

One candidate turned up for an interview, unfazed that he was late. When asked by the interviewer why they were late, the candidate calmly responded: “ I had to help an old lady cross the road” – You couldn’t write it!

2. Pick Me!

Interviewer: Why should we hire you?

Candidate: If you hire me RIGHT NOW I’ll pay you $100…cash!

Interviewer: *Speechless*

3. A lie you could probably get away with

Interviewer: It says here that you have vast acting experience. Could you please share with me some examples?

Candidate: Sure! I played a Dementor in Harry Potter

4. Entry level

A candidate arrives with high hopes for an entry-level position.

Interviewer: What are your salary expectations?

Candidate: Well in my last place I was on 60k but I’ll settle for anything above 50+

5. Famous relatives

Some people will say just about anything to land themselves a job.

Interviewer: Other than your work experience, can you tell us any other interesting facts about you?

Candidate: I’m related to Barrack Obama (LIE).

6. Under house arrest

Yet another candidate is late for an interview. The interviewer decides to investigate…

Interviewer: Hi Stephen, we’re sitting here in the boardroom waiting for you. What’s the hold up?

Candidate: Sorry guys – slight issue. I’m handcuffed to my bed.

7. Too honest

Interviewer: What attracted you to this role?

Candidate: Honestly, I don’t know! My recruitment consultant told me it’s good practice to go to interviews.

8. Now you’re pushing it!

Interviewer: Tell me why you want this job? Why do you think you’ll be the right fit?

Candidate: Well, I’ve always been passionate about not starving to death!


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