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8 Funkadelic Office Spaces That Will Leave You In Awe

We’ve all had a long week, and I think many of you will agree when I say TGIF!! I hope it’s been a successful week for all you hard workers out there. If you’re looking for inspiration on how to seal the deal, then SocialTalent’s Social Selling Blog should be your first port of call. We’re here to motivate you, educate you and accommodate all your sales needs! This week take a look at some funky office spaces that would leave Austin Powers purring….’Grooovy Baby!’.

Sometimes you it takes a funky workspace to unleash the creativity within. So sit back, put the feet up (if no one’s watching), and take a look at 10 of the most funkadelic offices on this planet.

1. TBWA – New York

The TBWA is filled with some kickass designs and architecture. The New York office was designed by the Italian architect Gaetano Pesce, who unleashed his creative genius from top to bottom. I mean, if I was to walk in to work every day, and I had an office like this, i’d simply get nothing done. I’d be too busy being awestruck by the quality of every fine detail that’s gone in to the making of this workplace. They’ve even got a red telephone box…I mean come on! Who doesn’t like red telephone boxes?


(Source: Creative Bloq)

2. Cartoon Network – Atlanta

Now, for all of you who don’t know Cartoon Network, I’ve got one question for you – What rock have you been living under? All I can say is that their cartoons made my childhood! With classics such as Cow and Chicken, Dexters Laboratory and who could forget – CatDog? (The theme song is super catchy by the way). Their offices are just as impressive and imaginative as their shows, with cubicles being personally customised for each individual employee. Now that I wouldn’t mind!

(Source: Creative Bloq)

3. Inventionland Design Factory – Pensylvania

Inventionland is home to the largest invention factory, and one of the coolest office spaces on this earth. Seriously, I’d spend more time paddling around the depths of their office pool than brainstorming. So much space for fun activities! Inventionland is like stepping foot into a new realm. The employees are shipwrecked in the pristine waters of Inventionland where no idea is thrown overboard! One word – Impressive!

(Source: boredpanda)

4. PillPack – Boston

So what is PillPack? If you haven’t heard of them, they are an online pharmacy where people can manually manage their own subscriptions. Have you seen their offices? What do you mean no?!? They have a frickin bar in their office! Us Ninjas here in SocialTalent would love a bar in our Dublin HQ. Although, I’ve a feeling that after an old fashioned or two, things might get a little crunk! But from afar, it’s nice to see the idea being implemented. PillPack’s bar was previously used in the 1920’s-era and turns in to a DJ booth at night….*Espresso Martini please good sir!*


5.  Google – Zurich

What Google office isn’t impressive? These guys really do pull out all the stops when it comes to office decoration and creativity. Employee well-being is important for every company, and Google certainly do their utmost to provide for their employees. Check out their office in Zurich and see what I’m talking about. Holy heck, they’ve outdone themselves on this one! They’ve provided employees with a slick basketball court to play on. And if that wasn’t enough, they’ve designed different themed ski cabins for their staff to hold meetings in.

(Source: Creative Bloq)

6. Dropbox – San Francisco

If you’re a fan of a more elegant approach, combined with a bit funkadelic pizazz, then you might take a fancy to the offices over at Dropbox HQ. Natural light streams through the building. It’s simply phenomenal, and the names of each meeting room are as witty as ever. This is where fine dining meets fast food! Where elegance meets attitude, and the end result is awesome! What’s not to like here?


(Source: Custom Spaces)

7. D4H Technologies – Howth

I don’t know how accessible this office is to get to, but my god I’d say there’s some view! I’d be the first person to bagsy a window seat.  The D4H office is situated 134 feet above the Dublin Bay. They have a live camera feed streaming from their office so you can see what they’re seeing! Imagine, after work on a summers day and going for a quick dip. Now, that’d be the life! Pity we get sunshine once a year here in Ireland..

(Source: D4 Technologies)

8. Second Home – Lisbon

More and more company’s have upped their effort in creating a healthy work environment. Well, Second Home have taken it a step further with their eco-friendly office. The Portuguese office space, designed by SelgasCano, is home to over 1000+ different plants. Not only are these plants a great for blocking out people you don’t want to talk to, but they also improve the air quality in the office. Keep it green!

(Source: The Spaces)

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