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8 Weird & Wacky Places For a Candidate Job Interview

Interviews can be nerve-wracking. Let’s face it, if a candidate could skip the whole interview process and get the job straight off the bat, we’d have happy candidates all-round! However, this is real life and interviews are a must! Today, we take a look at some weird and wacky interview locations where candidates have had interviews. Happy Friday!


1. Bog Standard

Yes, it’s true. A candidate actually reported having their interview in a toilet. Can’t imagine this interview experience being too enjoyable for the candidate.

2. Pub Talker

Some employers like to let their candidates know that they are cool, laid-back and funky. However, having an interview in a bar spells nothing but bad news for me. Things could get a little weird with one too many strawberry mojitos on board.

3. Green Pastures

You can’t beat the sweet smell of the country air! However, asking your candidate to meet in a field is a bit random. If you are thinking of holding your next interview in a field – make sure to attach directions.

4. We’re going up

When stuck in small, closed spaces, I can’t think properly for the life of me! The elevator music would throw me off…

5. The beach

I don’t think I’d fancy dressing up in my best interview suit to return with mountains of sand streaming out of my pocket. That cold water doesn’t suit me either..


6. The Fun Fair

Believe it or not, Havas Worldwide has been holding their interviews on a  Ferris wheel! If your petrified of heights, then you might be in for a bumpy ride with this one!

7. A Donut Shop

1 word = Heaven! I’d leave the interview a stone heavier.

8. Gym Buddy

Trying to answer questions whilst an interviewer is shouting SPOT ME wouldn’t be easy for anyone. Then again, just think of those gains…

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