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A Quick Sourcing Tip for Recruiting in Finance

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A quick sourcing tip for recruiting in finance

It can be frustrating spending your time sourcing on LinkedIn only to find hundreds of empty profiles. Although it’s the world’s largest professional network, not everybody spends time sprucing up their profiles to catch a recruiter’s eye. This neat little trick will help you find out more about a person’s current role when all they have is a job title and their name. Enjoy!

Key Takeaways

Even if you’re new to recruiting in the financial sector this small tip can go a long way to helping you build decent candidate profiles. Remember:

  1. LinkedIn doesn’t always have as much information as you hope. Be prepared to do some more searching to help build up a candidate’s profile.

2. Use the services tab on a company’s website to help you discover more about the type of environment they work in.

3. Check the careers page to find roles that match their job title– this will give you a good idea of what level and responsibilities they have.

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