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Breaking News: Allegis Group Joins Forces With HiringSolved

*Breaking News*

On October 24th the recruiting world was treated to the very exciting news that Allegis Group had made a significant investment in HiringSolved

The news broke via PR Newswire and you can read the full press release here.

“As the global leader in talent solutions, Allegis Group invests in technologies that align with our core purpose of creating opportunity for people – our clients, our candidates and our employees. HiringSolved’s capabilities are game-changing for our growth strategy and present great upward potential for enhancing how our industry engages the best talent required to get work done”. 
Chris Hartman, Global Development Officer, Allegis Group

The report, issued by Allegis Group, states that HiringSolved will continue to function as its own company for the time being. With high profile customers like Dell, GSK and Netflix it’s vital that this amalgamation with Allegis Group goes as smoothly as possible.

Why it Works

Allegis Group can often be found at the centre of the conversation around AI and machine learning. This coupled with HiringSolved’s mission to make the human connection the focus of the hiring process, by removing arduous manual tasks through AI, makes for an exciting future for the two companies.

What to Expect

Now that that huge news has been broken we can expect some big things on the horizon. Usually, big announcements like this are followed by a period of silence while the world waits for the new couple to announce their first big venture.

You can be sure that you’re going to be seeing a lot more conversations around the future of AI within recruitment from these two. Intelligent automation will be the top priority moving forward.

“This is a big step forward for the recruitment industry. Allegis Group investing in HiringSolved will light a fire under the future of AI in recruitment and talent acquisition. AI is the biggest revolution since social media hit the recruitment world. We’re ready for the next big bang”.
Johnny Campbell, CEO, SocialTalent

Stay tuned as SocialTalent brings you more news as the story develops.

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