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Are your potential new recruits even aware you‚¬²re on social networks?

In an infographic published today by employer ranking site, it shows some really insightful stats on how employer marketing efforts are landing with job seekers, particularly in regards to using social media to promote and fill your vacancies.

Here’s some top pointers:

  • 2 in 3 employees said that their employer doesn’t (or they don’t know) use social media to promote jobs in the company.
  • 86% of people in the first 10 years of their career expect to use social media as part of their job search this year.
  • 3 in 4 employees said their employer doesn’t (or they don’t know) promote their employer brand on social media.
  • 52% of Applicants to jobs want to hear about career advancement at the company they’re applying to.

With these points in hand, it’s fairly clear there’s a mismatch going on. What can you do about it as an employer?

1. Market your social media activities about jobs and career advancement to your own employees first

This holds a few benefits: firstly, the number 1 source of hire for most companies is still referrals. If your employees are very aware that you’re looking for new staff, and they have a direct channel to find out about these jobs, they can recommend to friends about roles at the company they’d be suited to. Information is power!

Secondly, it can tell your staff that there are openings above them in the company – they have an opportunity to apply for these jobs themselves, and cements their career advancement in your company – not your competitor’s.

2. If you’re not already, promote your vacancies using social media

Using LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and Google+ to promote your jobs is by far the most cost-effective, most transparent and quickest way to promote your jobs. When 86% of people in their first 10 years of their career are expected to use social media to find a job, you can bet your house that it’d be on one of these 4 networks, if not a combination of all of them.

3. Promote your employer brand on Social Media

Tell your company’s story; what it’s like to work here; what your role can be like on a day-to-day basis; how others in the company have progressed up the ranks and how new recruits can too; salary expectations and key benefits; flexible working arrangements; a direct email address or some communication line with an actual recruiter or the hiring manager. These are the things that candidates want to hear about, and by having all of this information available on your company’s LinkedIn page, or Facebook page etc. is really powerful. Plus they’re both free to set up, so it’s a complete no-brainer.

Here’s the infographic by Glassdoor (and here it is in full).

Glassdoor - Age of Social Recruiting Infographic

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