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YouTube Around the World (Infographic)

Thought YouTube wasn’t for you and your sourcing efforts? Think again my friend!

The facts and figures surrounding YouTube usage in a number of countries across the world are staggering. More people than ever are watching, sharing and engaging with YouTube videos on a daily basis and guess what? They’re all potential candidates ripe for the picking!

Two weeks ago, we said to you “You Wish Your Employer Brand Was This Cool!” and we showed you 7 companies whose employer branding videos went above and beyond to ensure that the perfect candidate would choose them above their competitors. THIS is why you should be following their lead and using YouTube to attract candidates:

sourcing on youtube


Top Takeaways:

Saudi Arabia

  • Saudi Arabia has the world’s most avid popular of YouTube viewers. 90 million of them watch YouTube videos everyday.
  • 50% of those 90 million video views come happen on smartphones.

United Kingdom

  • 35% of UK residents are active on YouTube.
  • 76% of them are aged between 18 -24 years old.
  • 1 in 4 social media channel visits are to Youtube.


  • 400 tweets a minute contain a YouTube link.
  • HowtoBasic has 3.1 million subscribers in Australia and is the country’s most popular channel.


  • A whopping 78.4% of the Japanese population use the internet and 46.% (almost half of them) are active on YouTube.

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