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The way that we consume digital information has changed.  In the early days of the internet (mid 90s to early oo’s), your email inbox was king; it was a source of humour, news, gossip and entertainment.  As the 00’s rolled on, we became less patient and more demanding, moving to Google to look for information as we needed it, whether that be “news”, “jobs” or “cinema times”.  Now search engines are a blur, and we struggle to find the information we need without sophisticated search strings and algorithms.  Social Media has offered us the latest evolution in how we consume our media.  I now open my Facebook stream to find out what my friends are up to, read the latest news from Mashable and The Irish Times, check out what’s on in my local cinema and see what bands are coming to town.  Searching for a job is no different, “jobs” is one of the most popular search terms on Google and invariably produces more background noise than quality results.  The Passive job seeker is king and such people aren’t likely to find themselves on job boards every day.  Enter Facebook, the perfect medium to passively hear about targeted jobs that fit your career aspirations or experience.

We have been playing around with different methods of delivering jobs on Facebook and so far, the most successful has been posting direct employer jobs by location for anyone to follow. In general, we find that people prefer to avoid anonymous agency ads, either not trusting them or just not wanting the hassle of contacting a middle man to find out more information.  We currently manage IrishJobs, CaymanJobs and have just launched BermudaJobs on Facebook.

We search through the internet and local publications to find out which employers are hiring for what jobs and then we then share this with our followers on Facebook.  Simple.

There’s no catch; all we ask is that people contribute if they can, after all it shouldn’t be a one way conversation!

What’s in it for us?  Well, it forces us to keep up to date on what’s happening in the markets we recruit in and it allows us to interact with a community of potential passive job seekers.  It’s a lot of hard work managing the research and posting the jobs, but we have found that our followers really love the service and so far we have helped unemployed locals find jobs, and given employers a direct, free method of reaching potential candidates on Facebook.  Sometimes its not all about monetisation, if an idea is good, just do it.  We’ll figure out how it benefits us another day.

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