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Build The Best Prof-ersonal Brand


When we talk about personal brand in a sales context we are focussing on how we present ourselves online. The key to a great personal brand is authenticity. What really makes you, you!?

The sweet spot for a successful online brand lies smack in the middle of professional and personal. We like to call it, prof-ersonal. It’s important that you showcase more than just your amazing sales skills. You need to showcase your uniqueness. Ultimately that’s what people will connect with and that’s what will make you a successful sales person. Building a prof-ersonal brand helps humanise business relationships and this is the secret to great sales.


The Mona Lisa would be nothing without its snazzy frame right? Those gold, gilded edges catch light and emphasise the soft luminescence and intricate delicacy of the picture within.

I’ll get to the point, Framing is a really valuable concept in branding and marketing. It can be one of the most critical tools when you are crafting an online influence. Lisa would easily have attracted a mountain of followers if Twitter had been a thing back in the Renaissance.


Let’s take a closer look at the power of framing (with something a little more basic than the Mona Lisa)

These two grey boxes are exactly the same in every way. Same shape, same size, same colour. Simple!

Do you think these two boxes are exactly the same? Is the box on the right slightly darker than the one on the left?

Even though all boxes are exactly alike, your immediate perception is challenged by the framing.

The way you build and shape your profile has a huge impact on your online network and your potential customers. Every part of your profile contributes to your overall image. Think about the words you use and the pictures and images you share across all of your social media platforms.

Let’s Get Personal

Not everybody is comfortable sharing their private life on social media but there are certain platforms where it can really play to your advantage to add a little personalization.


Twitter is one of our favourite social media platforms. It’s quick and snappy and the perfect place to build a strong online brand. Some people create separate Twitter accounts for business and personal use but we recommend sticking with one. After all, you’re only one person!


When creating your Twitter bio you only have 160 characters to play with. This is a great way to get you thinking about what really matters to your audience. You have to include all the information you need to be found by the right people AND let people know a little bit about you so they can connect easily. Hillary Clinton does an excellent job of detailing her professional life and letting some personality shine through.

Include what you do as a professional and what drives you as a person. Don’t be afraid to add in details like if you have a family or that you LOVE cooking. This opens you up to people who may have these small things in common, but can fuel a conversation at the start of online interactions.

As a salesperson, there are other tips you can pick up from this perfect Twitter bio.

You have the opportunity to link to a website so why not add either your LinkedIn profile, company website or maybe even a personal website. Anywhere that people can go if they want to find out more about you and what you do.

Your location is also a valuable piece of information to include in your bio. Even though your company might do business all over the world people are more inclined to buy from someone who is located close to them. Let people know which city you live/work in to help make closer connections.


By developing a pro-fersonal brand you are opening yourself up to opportunities that you could be missing out on if you kept everything strictly business. People connect with people and the more information you share e.g. your likes/dislikes posts you find interesting, pictures etc the easier it is for people to find something about you that they can connect with. All of this adds up to making you an easy person to approach- a key quality for successful sales people!


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