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The Complete A to Z Guide to Recruiting Smart (Infographic)

Pay particular attention to the letters B, C, E, F, J and T. We’ll tell you why after the graphic…

recruiting smart

Top Takeaways:

B – a strong employer brand is imperative. After all, 1 in 3 IT job applicants are motivated by the company’s employer branding efforts when considering accepting a position there and 83% of global recruiting leaders believe their employer brand is critical in their ability to hire top talent. Our Employer Branding module as part of the Black Belt in Internet Recruitment online training course is specifically designed to show you  how to use Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+ and Twitter to develop your employer brand and build ‘talent tribes’ that support and feed into your ongoing recruiting efforts.

C – although a candidate may sound perfect on paper, if they are not the right cultural fit for the organisation neither they or your other employees will be happy campers! A good candidate will instinctively know whether or not an organisation is culturally right for them, and will remove themselves from the running for a role if they feel the cultural fit isn’t there. They know what they want and they understand that in order to grow and be happy and contented within a business, they will need to feel comfortable in the surroundings and culture and feel they are able to use their skills and grow within the company.

E – how you engage with a candidate at every step of the recruitment process will affect their opinion of your company. While creating a smooth, applicant friendly application process is an absolutely essential part of creating a careers site, so too is the after care process. If a candidate has taken the time and effort to apply for your job, it should be acknowledged regardless of whether or not they are suitable for the role. The experience a candidate has when dealing with your company in this way is key. If they are impressed by the candidate experience, even if they’re not successful with their application, they will be more inclined to refer another candidate for the role. If they’re not impressed, they will be sure to tell everyone around them about the negative experience they had when dealing with your company which in turn, will damage your employer brand. Our Networking & Engaging module, will provide you with an 8 step framework that will enable you to engage as a peer with your target candidate sector, leverage relationships and improve your messaging techniques to drive more referrals and qualified, quality candidate responses.

F – honesty, transparency and clarity are what many recruiters feel candidate’s who are not hired, deserve to hear from the recruiter who has chosen not to proceed with them as a candidate. If a candidate took the time to apply for the job in the first place, you should take the time to put together a proper response for why they didn’t get the job. Feedback builds better candidate’s for the future and will make the candidate respect your decision, because as Stacy Zapar Donovan said “Today’s “no” candidate is tomorrow’s “yes” candidate (or source of referral) so never burn a bridge.

Jjoining the conversation is crucial for staying on top of industry trends and learning about what your candidates are talking about and why. There are so many ways to join the conversation, from LinkedIn Groups to LinkedIn’s publishing platform, to forums like Github and StackOverFlow, and from social networks like Twitter and Facebook. For example, 33% of LinkedIn users are a member of at least one Group and maximum of 9 groups. If you are regularly posting content into Groups that are focused towards the industry you recruit in, they will become familiar with you and see you as an expert in your field. That way, when you go to approach a candidate who is also a fellow group member, you will already have gained a certain amount of their respect and trust as an authority in your field through your regular postings.

T – you must invest in ongoing recruitment training to keep pace with the industry. That’s where we come in. Our Black Belt in Internet Recruitment online training course, will teach you how to become a more efficient, proactive and effective recruiter, or as we like to call them; Sourcing Ninjas! So what are you waiting for? Start your journey to becoming a bone fide Sourcing Ninja today and contact our sales people at [email protected] or download a copy of our very colourful prospectus here.


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