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Roundup: The Rights, Wrongs and Downright Weirds of The Recruiting World

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Doing it Right…

Dublin Bus

This company is close to home and their story may not have travelled beyond the shores of this little island. But this public transport company, that employees 3,500 people, has been taking drastic steps to effect a new Diversity & Inclusion Policy.

By teaming up with Transgender Equality Network Ireland (TENI), Dublin Bus set about creating a document titled “Workplace gender transition policy and guidelines” to help open a dialogue around gender transition in the workplace.

TENI released their report Speaking from the Margins detailing that 

Just over half of transgender respondents (51%) were employed. And as the questions begin to dive into details about workplace environments

14% Reported workplace harassment or discrimination
14% Believed they had bee unfairly turned down for a job
9% Believed they had been unfairly fired or dismissed
9% Left a job due to harassment or discrimination
8% Did not apply for certain jobs due to fears of workplace harassment

This information clearly highlights the need for an education on transgender issues in the workplace and Dublin Bus have admirably risen to the challenge.

Gender Transition Policy and Guidelines Sept 17


The guide provides information such as HR policies dealing with transgender issues, accepted and offensive language, a glossary of terms and their definitions and guidelines to follow when an employee wishes to go through an “on-the-job” transition.

We will not tolerate our customers, contractors or people we do business with discriminating against our employees because of their gender identity. This is also in line with our Dignity and Respect Policy which relates to the bullying, harassment and sexual harassment at work of our employees.
Ray Coyne, CEO of Dublin Bus

Dublin Bus’s work in this area has been put forward as a case study for best practice in relation to workplace diversity by the European Commission.

Doing it Wrong…

Computer Science Silicon Valley

As we march steadily towards International Women’s Day it’s important to think of diversity and inclusion on different scales. How is my company fairing? What does the landscape look like in the industry? How about country-wide? Change needs to be implemented at every level. Google has openly struggled with diversity issues and Susan Fowler’s post about her year at Uber is ubiquitous- they have a lot of weeds they need to wade through.

This interview with Maria Klawe takes a brilliant birds-eye view of the problems she has encountered while running computer science classes in Harvey Mudd College in California.

New Kid on the Block

I have begun to notice a particular pattern during my daily mind-numbing consumption of other people’s lives… Every third or fourth social media profile carries the same type of story, with a message that goes something like this:

“Hey guys, so I’ve jumped on the bandwagon and signed up for Vero- check out my profile…”

For me, it tends to be people who produce a lot of original content eg. cartoonists or people who have been curating their own blog for several years, have gained a lot of popularity and it’s now a source of income for them- NOT that they are paid to blog but their blog has led to book deals or regular media slots.

After some particular favourites of mine made the jump to Vero my nosiness could wait no longer and I turned to Google.

Vero claims to be the truest form of social media. No ads, no altered timelines of the platform giving you what you think you want to see. This appears to be the main draw for those who are frustrated with Instagram, Facebook and Snapchat.

It has some serious design flaws and isn’t actually that new but we’ll have to wait a little longer to see what they do with all this newfound popularity and whether they can capitalise on this golden opportunity.

Facebook Jobs

Facebook is on a mission to take care of the issues that LinkedIn can’t. By focussing on community and locality Facebook aims to impact the job market on a smaller scale.

Find a job using Facebook

Posted by Facebook on Tuesday, 27 February 2018

Facebook Jobs will connect people who don’t use LinkedIn to search for jobs or display a professional profile. Some jobs and skills aren’t suited to LinkedIn. Find out more about how Facebook wants to become the blue-collar LinkedIn.


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