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Define Recruitment? - The Responses

Define recruitmentLast week we asked a question: define recruitment?
We wanted to know, if recruiters had the chance to honestly define recruitment and indeed a recruiter, how they would describe them? You guys didn’t disappoint, we got some great responses!

Shirley told it as it is, recruitment is “professional creeping“. A nasty definition, according to our CEO Johnny, “although occasionally true!” Chantal gave us some brilliant, straight-forward definitions for what she believes a recruiter is and indeed what recruitment is.

Recruitment: The art of using multiple sources and techniques to find the best available candidate to fill an open position. This process takes into account cultural fit, skills and qualifications, and time constraints on filling the open position. 

Recruiter: Guru at being able to successfully match candidates with companies while be a Master at Social Media, Communication, Detective and Marketing.

It’s interesting to note all the specific aspects that recruiting now entails listed out here very succinctly. Recruiting is no longer just about sourcing qualified candidates by any means possible, it is about sourcing suitable qualified candidates based in things like their personality fit with the company’s culture as well as their experience and skills, and finding them and enticing them through relevant channels like Github (if sourcing a web developer for example). Recruiters need to keep themselves constantly up to date with where candidates are hanging out online and how they are communicating so that they can find them efficiently and engage them effectively.

But it was Chloé’s recipe style definition that I loved the most:

Recruitment: Sherlock Holmes, Miracle worker, Synonyms generation, Ninja matchmaking, Candidate whisperer (let’s face it, sometimes slave trader), Jean-François Champolion (you know, the guy who deciphered the Rosetta stone); add a phone and the internet, shake well.

Enough said, in my opinion!

So if you dream of being a miracle working, professional creeping, social media slaying, ninja-like Sherlock Holmes, then recruitment is the job for you! Happy headhunting!

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