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Do you really know your Facebook EdgeRank score? Measure it with

Managing your organization’s Facebook page may seem to the untrained networker as just posting an update and monitoring (or hoping for) the conversation afterward. However, without really analyzing what effect your Facebook posts have on your audience, you’ll never achieve your target engagement, growth in fans or really learn from your community. Facebook’s algorithm (called EdgeRank) determines what gets seen in your Facebook newsfeed, and without knowing and managing your EdgeRank score, you’re really unaware of how influential your posts are. Your posts may be dismissed by Facebook as unimportant and therefore your social media work may all be for nothing.

On Monday, EdgeRank Checker discovered when analyzing the data of 20 pages with over 4 million fans that there is a direct correlation between the rate of engagement and the number of further page impressions of your post. This means that only posts from pages that have engagement or weight will be impressed in the newsfeed of your fans, so unless you know what to post, what media to include, and when to post, your message probably won’t get seen. What good is that to your business then?!

A few months ago, EdgeRank Checker (a brilliant tool!) came to our attention and set us on a clear path with more leading analytics for the pages under our control. EdgeRank Checker pulls the last six months data from your Pages and measures the Facebook Newsfeed appearance of your Page posts to your fans on Facebook and subsequent interaction from those fans, including statistics on when is your best and worst day for posts and new fans. Armed with this key information, we built a content strategy around it, (factoring in what media was best to include, what time and day to post etc) and found an improvement in our engagement (comments and likes) to our posts, an increase in traffic to our directed sites from Facebook and growth in fans.

EdgeRank Checker score for Facebook Page

Yesterday evening, officially went pro after making significant updates to their algorithm that estimates your page’s EdgeRank score, as well as new premium features that measure the per-post metrics of your page, detailed analysis of the best time and day and keywords in which to post, page-specific recommendations and media-types that best engages your audience (photos, videos or links etc). While you now have to pay for these premium features, the amounts are relatively small ($15 per page under 250 fans, $25 per page between 250-5000 fans, and $30 per page over 5000 fans) per month. However, you can still use the basic EdgeRank Checker tool for free, which gives you an instantly deeper understanding of your Facebook analytics than Facebook Insights.


What’s your page’s EdgeRank score? Did you learn something new that will influence your content strategy? Share your views in the comments.

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