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4 Fun and Festive Sourcing News Stories - 22 December 2014

In the news this week:

LinkedIn Reveals the Top Skills Recruiters Searched for in 2014 

In a blog post last week, LinkedIn revealed the Top 25 Hottest Skills that got people Hired in 2014, based on hiring and recruiting activity on the professional network.

skillsAccording to LinkedIn, the list was compiled by analysing the skills and experience data of its 330 million members worldwide to identify the skill categories that belonged to those members that had either changed employer or appeared in a recruiter’s search during 2014. There was good news for the recruitment industry as increasing economic confidence in organisations boosted their talent acquisition resources, with Recruiting’ coming in at number 17 of the top 25 in-demand skills in the UK. STEM and data skills dominate the chart however, with data storage, retrieval and analysis widely searched as organisations across a broad range of industries seek to harness the benefits of big data.

The 25 Hottest Skills that got People Hired in 2014 (UK):

  1. Statistical analysis and data mining
  2. Middleware and integration software
  3. Business intelligence
  4. Storage systems and management
  5. Perl/ Ruby/ Python
  6. Mobile development
  7. Network and information security
  8. SEO/ SEM marketing
  9. Foreign language translation
  10. Java development
  11. Data presentation
  12. Web architecture and development framework
  13. Public policy and international relations
  14. C/ C++
  15. Algorithmic design
  16. Integrated circuit design
  17. Recruiting
  18. Corporate law and governance
  19. SAP ERP systems
  20. Economics
  21. Data engineering and data warehousing
  22. Data management and software
  23. Mining and commodities
  24. Marketing campaign management
  25. User interface design

LinkedIn were also kind enough to conduct a similar analysis of several other countries and drew up the Top 25 in each of them as well:

The 25 Hottest Skills of 2014 on Linkedin from LinkedIn


Huge Instagram Update: Network Adds 5 New Filters


Fans of the Instagram (the home of the humble selfie) will be rubbing their hands with glee today because Instagram have just released new filters for the first time in 2 years.

Yes, December 2012 was the last time Instagram updated their filter list with the introduction of Mayfair and Willow, but last week, the social network added not one but five new filters to it’s collection, rounding out the number of filters to an even 24.

Crema, Slumber, Ludwig, Aden and Perpetua will now appear first in the filter tray of the updated app and are accompanied by two other welcome updates:

  • Mini Previews – gone is that pesky hot air balloon and in it’s place will now be mini previews of your own photo with a sample of each filter applied to it.
  • Ability to Re-order Filters – you also now have the option to customise your filter tray by re-arranging the filters displayed in the Instagram app and hiding the one’s you don’t use.



Happy snapping!

Job Seekers! Got Cold Feet? Don’t worry there’s a Job Site for that!


myNoticePeriod, a job site that helps candidates with a new job offer to search for other new jobs within their notice period, is now offering uncertain candidates the unique opportunity.
That’s right! Employers (only in India for now) can now search through a list of people who are having second thoughts about their current new job offers, and see how many days they have until the new-job click stops ticking (please see the screenshot below).

Screen Shot 2014-12-17 at 15.30.08


Not only that but the job site lists the candidates primary skills, the best salary offer they are willing to accept, their current company and their current location. Could this become a trend in this part of world? Give us your thoughts in the comments below.

Fancy being Endorsed by Liam Neeson LinkedIn?

(I know they call this ‘silly season’ but come on!)

So, I’m sure you are all aware by now of a rather fantastic meme that’s been circling the internet for quite some time, especially in recruitment realms. The meme in question is this:



A brilliant spoof on Liam Neeson’s best known quote form the cult classic Taken. Well, in a rather clever (and hilarious) promotional stunt, the marketing team behind Taken 3 (Liam’s new film and the third in the Taken franchise) have devised this campaign:

Basically, all Liam needs you to do is follow the Taken 3 LinkedIn Showcase Page and if your LinkedIn page is selected from everyone who has liked the showcase page by 29th December 2014, he will review your LinkedIn skills and make a completely personalised video endorsement for you to include on your profile. Sound good to you? Excellent! Because, don’t forget, even if he doesn’t know who you are or what you want, he will look for you on LinkedIn and he will find you

Happy Holidays Recruiters!

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