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Google make Boolean searching a piece of cake: Google "Advanced Search"

Have you been searching through Google lately? Of course you have. How many of you use the “Advanced Search” button? What about the Voice-activated search tool? The Language tool? No? Right, well – here’s the low-down:

The Voice-Activated Search tool is the little microphone-shaped icon within the Google search bar, enabling you to use your computer’s inbuilt mic or headset’s microphone and speaking your search. This is great if you’re in any way physically impaired, or can’t get your fingers to work your phone’s touch-screen keypads. Low-points though: like anything that’s voice activated, it’s certainly not perfect. Accents vary, words that sound like others will get confused But a cool tool all the same.

Language search is very interesting: this allows you to automatically convert terms into a specific language without having to look them up or translate them separately yourself. From this tool, as you scroll down, you can also translate a web page, or search for a term using a country-specific Google domain.

Now for the really good bit: for those who struggle with getting search strings absolutely character-perfect, you can do an advanced search through Google using their Advanced Search tool. In this tool, you can select all the words you want to appear in your results, all the phrases you want to appear, the OR words you wish to appear, what words you don’t want to appear, the language of these results (phenomenal!), the filetype (so a PDF, a spreadsheet etc), and from which website you wish this to search.

There’s even an additional feature that will search by date (recency of the page), usage rights (so filter by license), where your keywords show up (so in the body of the page, the title, the URL, the links of the page etc), by region (country), numeric range (like currency figures), and there’s even a “SafeSearch” function, enabling you to filter out “objectionable content”. This may be of use if your kids use your computer because accidentally-hit adult content sites are usually crawling with malware and cookies that may then spam your computer at a time where your children are using it. Very worthwhile). The page-specific tools can find pages similar to particular pages, or pages that link to the page you’re looking at.

Try it out for yourself here!

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