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Green shoots (but don't tell anyone!)

I had a very interesting evening at the Irish Recruiter Tuesday Club last night where, amongst other things, we chatted about whether the Irish market was beginning to bounce back. As most of you know, we mainly recruit outside Ireland so we often don’t get a good sense of what is happening in the wider, local market, but my colleagues in the recruitment industry all confirmed my feeling that companies in Ireland are hiring again.
In fact, before the event I had dinner with an old friend who works for one of the largest insurance companies in the country. He advised me that they have hired 30 sales people since the start of the year, over half of whom were for new positions. The thing is, they don’t really want people to know because they laid lots of people off last year and now that business is growing again, they dont want to be seen to be rubbing mud in their faces.
This is a common theme, companies are hiring but they don’t want to shout it from the rooftops, they want to just get on with it. I reckon this is why you wont see it in the newspapers or on jobs boards but the vacancies are out there! You just need to know who to ask!

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