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Top 10 Companies for Career Opportunties for High School Grads - Glassdoor Report

You know what, college is most definitely not for everyone! For some it was an opportunity they couldn’t afford, for others it was that they knew their aptitude was suited to other pursuits. Many businesses will not employ a person with just their High School Diploma, instead requiring a minimum of an Honours’ University Degree (see this blog here about why University Grades shouldn’t matter a damn when hiring).

This discrimination puts candidates at a disadvantage in the hiring market, and the employer at a disadvantage because they are dismissing potential candidates who could do awesome things for their business based on their real-life experience alone.

This week, Glassdoor have released their Top 10 Companies who employ High School Graduates, based on employee feedback for career advancement and opportunities within their company. Take a look:

Glassdoor Infographic - Top Employers of High School Grads

These companies have taken an open-minded approach to hiring and will hire candidates whose highest level of education is their High School Diploma. Here’s what their employees had to say:

Costco Wholesale:

It’s a good place to work, they take care of their employees very well. There is lots of advancement opportunity and the managers all the way up to the CEO are really good people. ‚¬€œ Costco Wholesale Forklift Driver (Puyallup, WA)

For people who have no desire to get a degree, or a trade, Costco offers great salary and all the benefits you need for yourself and your family. All employees are great to work for, seeing how they hold everyone at a high standard. ‚¬€œ Costco Wholesale Tire Installer/Sales (Fort Worth, TX)

Whole Foods:

I started as cashier assistant, moved to cashier and now I am back up receiver and information system. A lot of opportunities to grow within, just work hard and be sociable. ‚¬€œ Whole Foods Receiver (Princeton, NJ)

Once you know the industry and business aspect of Whole Foods, you can succeed pretty easily. There are a lot of opportunities because Whole Foods is expanding quite a lot and heavily investing on putting out physical stores. ‚¬€œ Whole Foods Employee (Framingham, MA)


They have a great training plan that helps you to feel confident in your position. They are rapidly growing so there is room for promotion in a short amount of time, so there is room for tremendous growth. ‚¬€œ Chipotle Front of House Team Leader (Hamden, CT)

It’s a growing company with opportunities to move up from the bottom. ‚¬€œ Chipotle Kitchen Manager (San Francisco, CA)


If you work hard, and by Publix’s definition of working hard, I mean just doing what you’re told to do and learning the ropes very quickly, you’ll be moved up fast. I was promoted to the Cashier position after 4 short months from being a Bagger. ‚¬€œ Publix Part Time Cashier (Wesley Chapel, FL) 


Nordstrom also promotes from within, so if you want a career with the company, it’s very easy to move on up! ‚¬€œ Nordstrom Sales Associate (Murray, UT)

Wells Fargo:

The company’s hire within program is excellent; I’ve seen many of my colleagues move up and become bankers and store managers. The opportunity to grow is all the motivation needed to exceed sales and service goals. ‚¬€œ Wells Fargo Bank Teller (Buford, GA)


You get to work with amazing products every day. They also offer a lot of opportunities for employees to get training towards roles/positions they’re interested in. ‚¬€œ Apple Family Room Specialist (Palo Alto, CA)


There is growth potential and longevity within the company, if you either want to work in a store or work your way to the HQ in Seattle. ‚¬€œ Starbucks Trainer (San Francisco, CA)


I have been encouraged to grow with the company, with really no limit to the position I can attain. There are so many potential advancements in so many different facets of the job. ‚¬€œ Lowe’s Store Manager (Syracuse, NY)

The Home Depot:

There always seems to be opportunity here, if you work hard you can go far. ‚¬€œ The Home Depot Customer Order Specialist (Atascadero, CA)

Does your company have an open approach to career opportunities for internal hiring to those with just a high school diploma? What are the barriers to entry to your company for high-school grads and why? We’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments! Big thanks to Glassdoor for compiling the data, and great job to the employers mentioned for doing great things in equal-hiring!

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