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How Being a Parent Can Help You Be a Better Recruiter

being a parent

Hello everyone,

Sue here, I am new to the Marketing Team here at Social Talent after making the jump from Customer Support. I studied Cinematography and Film production in college, so seeing the production side of things here really grabbed my interest and made me beg Johnny for a new role! In short, you’ll be hearing more from me, but this is my first blog, so please… be nice 😉

As a mother, I know parenting can feel like a full-time job. Which got me thinking…… sometimes recruiting really is like parenting. Changing jobs can be a daunting experience and having a parent-like figure there supporting you can make all the difference.

Here are just a few things, you more than likely have a Black Belt in already, that will help you get ahead when sourcing the best candidates:

1. Listening Skills

In the same way you listen to your children from the minute they are born, listening to the different types of cries letting you know if they are hungry or in pain to telling you what happened in school that day at the very moment they are supposed to be going asleep you need to listen to you candidates and ask them questions, the more you ask the more you will find out. Spend time finding out personal things about your candidates that could impact the decision on them being right for the role.

2. Multitasking

If you have young children you automatically become an expert multitasker and this will be extremely helpful when you have to post job positions, search potential candidates, organise interviews, update your ATS and meet with hiring managers all before COB.

3. Reliability

Part of being a good parent is being reliable, if you say you are going to do something you HAVE to follow through just like with your clients or your candidates. If you tell them you will call with feedback at the end of the week, you need to call them even if there is no update. To build on your credibility you need to deliver when you say you will.

4. Problem-Solving Skills

j978whTlThe way you handle those last minute changes that arise when you have children will benefit you with your search when a hiring manager all of a sudden decides the candidate should speak a certain language. Hiring managers sometimes change their minds leading you to start your search from scratch. Your candidate may not always be the right fit, but constructive criticism helps, just start with the positives 😉

5.  Patience

When you’re a parent, patience is key,

The hilarious Michael McIntyre has done a skit describing in detail how people without children leave the house compared to people with children:

Without children it is a casual stroll out the door at what ever time you feel like, with children you turn into an army sargent trying to get them to pack up and ship out  but they decide to use this time to open up a tub of sudo-cream and smear it all over your coat. Just like being a recruiter you need to be flexible because clients or candidates may need to reschedule their interview dates.


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