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How did you get into Recruitment?

I fell into recruitment. When I sat my university finals I was running a niteclub, working 40 hrs a week and struggling to decide what to do with a Business Degree (talk about a vague subject!). I started applying for every graduate job going and even received an offer from an insurance company that never interviewed me (I scored well on their aptitude test and they extended an offer; why would I work for a company I had never met!). Anyway, I had sent my CV to lots of agencies and begun to meet with them. One such appointment was with an agency in Dublin called HRM Recruitment and I had a 9am appointment with two of their recruiters who I expected were going to go through the usual motions of “what do you want to do”, “can you do sales”, “are you willing to commute” etc. The only problem was that I had finished my shift in the niteclub at 4am and hence was pretty tired when I arrived into their offices in Donnybrook that morning!

Sarah and Sinead begun by being super nice to me, asking me how I was and then proceeding into a 10 minute pitch on why HRM are a great employer. I was puzzled, why weren’t they asking me to explain my skills and discuss the options I was willing to explore? When they finished Sarah turned to me and said “Well Jonathan, now tell us why you want to get into recruitment?”. Crap. So, I did what any self respecting graduate would do, I winged it. I proceeded to tell them how I had a “friend” who worked in recruitment who had told me all about his job and it just sounded fascinating. We went from there with them asking me what I thought the role entailed and how my skills would enable me to do it. After an hour, I left exhausted but smiled to myself and said “Ah well, that’s not going to go anywhere but heck, it was fun”. That afternoon I received a call back to invite me for a panel interview with the management team and 3 interviews later I begun my career in recruitment, 4 weeks shy of my 21st birthday, and I have never looked back.

I Fell into RecruitmentIn 1998, I think this was typical of how someone got into recruitment; you either knew someone else who was doing it or you interviewed with an agency who suggested you for a job with them. These days I train recruiters who actually leave university with an ambition to be a recruiter. This NEVER happened in my day (wow, I sound old!) but it is a growing trend in what I perceive to be the professionalism of our industry. Here’s hoping anyway!.

So in this spirit, we have created this fun poll to get an idea of how everyone else who reads our blog and knows us got into recruitment. Please do us a favor, answer the poll, add a comment if you wish and share with your colleagues. When it’s closed, we’ll publish the results and see what the stats tell us!

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