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How GDPR Will Effect The Recruitment Industry In a Big Way (Infographic)

With GDPR coming into effect May 25th, now is the time to start preparing. The General Data Protection Regulation is an EU initiative that is designed to bring a standard rule to data privacy laws all over Europe. Different countries can have different ways of dealing with their data collection and storage strategies and GDPR will standardise these across the board.

GDPR will work to protect European citizens in a world that is becoming increasingly data-driven. To ensure that you are well prepared for GDPR, it’s important that your company knows the ins and outs of GDPR and what will happen if you don’t abide by this regulation.

The damages to your business could be catastrophic if you fail to abide the core principles of data processing. So much so that it could cost you a whopping €20 million or 4% of your annual turnover – (Whichever is greater).

Luckily for you, the gang over at Devskiller have created a brand new infographic that focuses on GDPR and the implications it might have on your business.

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