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How much is the World linked by LinkedIn?

Posted by Holly Fawcett,
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LinkedIn’s influence continues to grow and grow, with the Netherlands a prime example. Of the overall labour force (7,816,000 million people), 38.2% of that figure are on LinkedIn.

Those figures translated into hard facts mean that the Netherlands has now has the largest penetration of LinkedIn members, ahead of the United States (36%), the home of LinkedIn and the country with the largest LinkedIn population. Ireland lies in 3rd position of LinkedIn penetration, at 27%.

Brazil has had the largest growth of members this year, growing by more than 400% since 2010.

The spread of industries represented on LinkedIn is fairly universal across the world, with only Canada having a larger representation of HR/Recruiters than any other country (about 3 times the average). LinkedIn is not just full of recruiters, however LinkedIn stated that about 1% of the LinkedIn members make up about 25% of the total traffic (that’s all us recruiters!).

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